Attack on Castle Black

Sunday night’s episode of Game of Thrones was, in a word – AWESOME.

Aside from a little bit of dialogue, almost the entirety of the episode was devoted to the wildlings’ attack on Castle Black.  I’ve heard some criticize this, claiming all the action did nothing to move the plot along, but really, what’s wrong with that once in awhile?  I was impressed with this episode as it had special effects normally only seen in a summer movie blockbuster.  Too bad there’s nowhere that shows this show on the big screen.  Movie theaters could clean up by having Sunday night GOT night.


At the end of the episode, Castle Black was still standing and still in control of the Night’s Watch.  However, the battle for the Wall continues and pits about 100 members of the Night’s Watch (probably less after the battle) vs. thousands of Wildlings, aided by Giants and mammoths (ok, this post might be getting too nerdy).

There were many points in this episode where I thought that George RR Martin was going to be his usual character devouring self – he builds you into thinking a hero will win, then dashes your hopes unexpectedly.  In fact, given the outcome of the battle between the Viper and the Mountain, it would not have surprised me to have seen the entire Night’s Watch obliterated.  (And who knows, that could still happen).


5 thoughts on “Attack on Castle Black

  1. Agreed. I was on the edgeof my seat begging that the heroes be spared. Great episode

  2. Thanks – there were a few moments where I thought George RR Martin was going to completely wipe out the Night’s Watch. He has no problem wiping out individual characters so it wouldn’t surprise me if he were to move on to wiping out entire groups.

  3. […] some lamented that the episode did nothing to move the story along, I for one enjoyed the Attack on Castle Black as it was amazing to me to see Summer Blockbuster special effects on a television […]

  4. This was a prophetic post, since in a few weeks, IMAX theaters will be showing Season 4 episodes 9 and 10, back to back. We can see the assault on the Wall on a screen so large it’ll seem like the Wall itself.

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