Is it worth the money?  Anyone ever use it before?  Thoughts?  What does it do that normal word processing software does not?

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7 thoughts on “Scrivener

  1. Rebecca Lang says:

    Hi there! Yes and no. I have it, and it’s pretty cheap to buy. Do I use it much? Not really. I have used it for converting ebooks. Friends rave about it. I keep trying to transition across but I’m a creature of habit so I’m still Word-ing it.

  2. It works for me, I like the clipboard for photos etc. I also compile writing into a .mobi, ebook format so I can see how my stuff would look on Kindle.

    • Sometimes when you are writing a large document, i.e. a book, it is hard to remember if you said something already. i.e. I was interested in Scrivener because I’m hoping you can leave notes on the side of your book, like “In chapter 1 Fred finds the magical chalice” so that you don’t forget and make him find the chalice in chapter 5, and then you’ve got Fred finding a chalice twice. I don’t know if that makes sense.

  3. I’m with the above commenter. I’ve used it (haven’t purchased, though) and I find it hard to get into. It’s to systematic for my tastes. I know the ins and outs of Microsoft Word, and it does everything I need it to do – so I’m a loyalist in that regard.

    I have friends, though – fellow writers – who swear by this friggin’ thing. No idea why. Mostly the organizational aspect of it, I think. Which is funnily why I want nothing to do with it.

  4. taja36 says:

    I have not used it but have heard a few people swear by it.

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