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The Writer’s Battle – Expression Challenge – “It is what it is.”

In case you missed it, here’s a blast from the past. Why the expression “it is what it is” irks me.

Bookshelf Battle

EXPRESSION: It is what it is.

MEANING: A situation that is difficult yet must be accepted as is, for it is unchangeable.

EXAMPLE: MARGOT: Hi Becky. Just wanted to say I am sorry to hear that your lousy husband stole all your money, ran off with your sister to Paraguay, and started a folk music jazz fusion band together. Moreover, I was chagrined to hear that their new hit single, “Becky Sucks in Every Conceivable Way,” which is basically just a list of all of your faults set to a melody, has not only gone triple platinum but has had a Sirius XM channel devoted to playing it on a continuous loop 24/7.

BECKY: It is what it is.

COMMENTARY: I really despise this one. These days, I mostly see it posted all over facebook, social media, etc. People trying to be cool about a situation by saying the obvious…

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The Walking Dead – Wrap-Up 3/15/15 – “Spend”


Daryl vs. a Zombie

Daryl vs. a Zombie

Bookshelf Q. Battler here.  Tonight, The Siberian Yeti allowed me to watch one of my favorite shows, The Walking Dead.

It was the first time my super annoying house guest had ever seen the show.  He liked it.  All of the post-apocalyptic carnage reminded him of his home in Siberia, except the show is slightly nicer.

My observations, in no particular order:

  • Rick’s group members are coming in to their own.  Glenn’s becoming skilled at leading beyond the wall.  Abraham’s taking over as wall construction leader.  Rick’s the new sheriff in town again.  Noah’s trying to become an architect for the community.
  • Which is sad because that beginning scene where Noah expresses an interest in architecture was apparently a rouse to make us not think he’s about to become zombie lunch.  RIP Noah.  We hardly knew ye.
  • Eugene is developing some guts and good for him.  He’s right!  He did get the group to DC, albeit in a morally reprehensible manner.
  • Don’t mess with Carol.
  • Rick Grimes = other man’s wife smoocher = the new Shane?
  • Ironic that Maggie eavesdrops on Father Gabriel warning Deanna about Rick’s group.  A few episodes back, Maggie told Gabriel off, leaving him so depressed he tossed away his collar.  Could a little kindness from Maggie have kept his loyalty?
  • Gabriel’s warning plus Aidan’s death – will that turn Deanna and the community against Rick’s group?

What did you think about tonight’s episode?  Discuss!

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