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The Walking Dead – Season So Far

Hey 3.5 readers.

BQB here.  I don’t have time for an in-depth review, but wanted to know what you all think about this season of “The Walking Dead” thus far.

I think it is one of the better seasons, I especially love the recent tension with Eugene.  I will say though the show has a tough decision.  The goal seems to be to kill Negan, the worst, most dastardly villain the show has ever seen and yet, he’s also the most interesting character the show has seen in a long time.

What say you, 3.5?

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I Miss Game of Thrones

July start date is unacceptable.  I have grown so used to watching the show this time of year.

Now that Walking Dead is over, what should I watch on Sunday nights?  Any suggestions?

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The Walking Dead Recap – Season 7, Episode 16 – Season 7 Finale – “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life”

Wowie zowie, 3.5 readers.  All I can say is:


What a twist!  So many twists in this episode and they were all very unexpected.

I won’t spoil it with the details, but it was the best episode of the entire series.  My only worry is I don’t know if they will ever be able to top it.  I hope it’s not all downhill from here.

What say you, 3.5 readers?

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The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale

Are you Geekensteins watching it?  Tweet along with me – @bookshelfbattle

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The Walking Dead Recap – Season 7, Episode 15

Hey 3.5 readers.

BQB with a Walking Dead recap, so if you haven’t seen it…SPOILER ALERT!

So, I inadvertently broke the Internet with this tweet:

70 retweets and 266 likes as of this writing.  Holy crap, that’s a record for me.  (Still counting too as of last refresh).

That was in response to the trap Sasha laid out for Eugene, by the way.

By the way, does anyone else think that it was a dick move for Rick to hijack all those nice Oceanside ladies?

Was it a dick move for that girl to punch her granny in the face?

Anyway, if you want more gems like this one in your Twitter feed, be sure to follow me @bookshelfbattle


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The Walking Dead Recap – Season 7, Episode 14 – “The Other Side”


You know 3.5 readers, The Walking Dead Makes me sad, not due to the post-apocalyptic landscape, but rather, because there are all these women who have men that have died and they are obsessed with avenging them.

Do you think Video Game Rack Fighter would avenge me if I were to be vanquished by a super villain?  Doubtful.  She’d shrug her shoulders, go, “Meh,” then return to playing another game of Car Thief Mayhem.

In this episode, the two women that the late Abraham was boinking (behind each others’ backs) team up to avenge their man’s death.  This makes me jealous of Abraham, not because he’s dead (that’s nothing to be jealous of) but because the two women loved him so much that they are willing to put the anger they have at each other over banging the man they thought was theirs in order to avenge him.

I don’t have a woman willing to avenge me.  Hell, I don’t even have a woman willing to make me a sandwich.

Sasha and Rosita are a formidable team.  Call them “Abe’s Babes.”  What say you, 3.5 readers?

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Walking Dead Recap – Season 7, Episode 12 – “Say Yes”



Hey 3.5 readers.

Love was in the air tonight.  It was like romance in the zombie apocalypse as Rick and Michonne were way too happy than we’re used to seeing any characters be on this shoe.

Meanwhile, it appears Tara is going to spill the beans which makes me sad as I thought her secret keeping ability was her best quality.

I want chili mac and cheese!

By the way, I forgot to recap last week’s episode.  It was a very Eugene episode.  I love Eugene.  He’s a nerd just trying to nerd his way through the apocalypse.  I don’t foresee him betraying Rick and the gang, but I could understand why if he did because he’s treated like an actual important scientist with the Saviors and he has long yearned to be treated as a respectable scientist even though he doesn’t have any advanced science degrees.

What say you, 3.5?

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BQB’s Walking Dead Recap – Episode 706 – “Swear”


Hello 3.5 zombie apocalypse survivors.

Your old pal BQB here.

Boy howdy am I behind on The Walking Dead.

I blame the Yeti.  That furry douche never lets me do anything.

If you’ve seen beyond this episode, I’d appreciate it if you don’t spoil anything.  If you haven’t seen up to this episode, look away as things will be spoiled for you.

So this was an episode for Tara’s character to really shine.  That’s done from time to time, where a bit player is given their own episode and we learn more about him/her.

Here, we learn that Tara relies on a good sense of humor.

She’s taken captive by a group of females.  I was hoping there would be an awesome backstory to this.  Maybe they’re a bunch of man hating Amazon lesbian warriors who take advantage of the zompoc to create their own lesbian warrior enclave but alas, no, that’s not the case at all.

What was here friend’s name?  The guy with the dreads?  P?  Pete?  I don’t know.  Notice that zombie we are led to think might be him was wearing a dress though and there are some tracks next to his broken glasses.

So either What’s-his-name was zombified and then someone came along and put a dress on his zombified body or more likely, a woman who looks like him was zombified and he was able to escape.

We’ll find out.

There’s a part where Tara could be all about herself but she thinks of the greater good and of those who helped her so…that’s nice.  Moments like that don’t happen often.

The goofy sunglasses said it all really.

I have two more episodes to catch up on!


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Would a Zombie Apocalypse Really Be That Bad?


Hey 3.5 readers.

Blasphemy for a zombie nerd to say this, but sometimes I wonder if a zombie apocalypse would be as bad as they are portrayed on television.

Don’t get me wrong.  A zompoc would be awful.  However, I feel like the government has all kinds of contingency plans on what to do if America is invaded and what with police and army and everything I feel like the zombies could be fended off.

Sure, it would be a disaster.  Many would die, have their brains eaten and end up undead.  I’m just not convinced that people would instantly drop everything when the first zombie wave hits.

Yes, our public officials, politicians and so on make us worry sometimes but I think they would stick around to coordinate things and I don’t think the army, police, first responders etc would give up without a fight.

Then again. I could be wrong.  Everyone might see a zombie and crap themselves.

Even if the world were to descend into an apocalyptic state, I feel like there is a lot of knowledge in people’s brains, such that rebuilding might not be as difficult as imagined.  Surely there would be more to life than just wandering from town to town to see which abandoned stores still have old boxes of candy and twinkles to feast on.

Hell, the Ancient Romans built some impressive buildings and did great things with very little compared to what we have today.  You, the average reader, could take the knowledge in your modern brain and go back to ancient times and live like a King.

Or could you?  I suppose you’d have to have the skills needed to take the knowledge in your brain and make it happen in real life.

I don’t know.  I could be wrong.  Maybe without the whole system in place now we’d all just end up acting like a bunch of dummies and be screwed.

Maybe I have too much faith in people.  Then again.  Maybe I don’t.  I hope we never find out what a zombie apocalypse would be like in real life as there would be way too many zombies.

FYI the Yeti just reminded me that I did live through a zombie apocalypse that was better known at the time as the East Randomtown Zombie Apocalypse, the terrible ordeal in which #31ZombieAuthors assisted me and gave me the advice I needed to pull myself out of a jam.

I’m sorry.  I’m very forgetful when I’m under Yeti control.  So yes, to answer my question, people are stupid and a zombie apocalypse would be awful as the zombies would eat everyone and then everyone not eaten would do stupid things.

Ergo, this post was pointless.  My bad.

But tell me what you think anyway, 3.5

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BQB’s Walking Dead Recap – Season 7, Episode 4 – “Service”


Hey 3.5 readers.

BQB here.


So tonight was all about auditing and accounting, normally very boring subjects, but when there are two missing guns, Neegan sends Rick and the gang on a wild goose chase looking for them.

A big reveal about Judith and Maggie looks like she’s up to something.

What say you, 3.5 readers?

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