#31ZombieAuthors – Day 12 Interview – Joe McKinney – Legendary Zombie Master

Hi there 3.5 readers.

The #31ZombieAuthors were wonderful and helpful. I’m loathe to single out any of them because they were all so good to me.

That being said, Joe McKinney is one of the biggest names in the zombie fiction game and he was a pretty cool dude to interview.

My favorite part was the Q and A about time management. Joe’s a police officer and a family man, yet he still finds time to get his writing done. Amazing.

I pointed out that while Joe’s a model of efficiency, I have a tendency to get distracted from my writing and have been known to let my pages remain blank while I stuff my face with Oreos and watch Steven Seagal movies.

When I submitted the question, I thought for sure Joe would tell me to snap out of it and stop being a crybaby or something but he was cool.

Instead, he discussed how the diligence of a writer “defies human nature” i.e. that life is all around us and we want to experience it and at the same time we need to be in that chair writing to get our work done.

In other words, write every day, get your words in, but don’t let life pass you by and don’t feel bad for embracing life.

You need to be in that writer’s chair but you can’t spend every minute of your life in that chair.

I don’t want to put words in the guy’s mouth but that’s a synopsis of what I took out of it anyway.

It’s a great interview, 3.5 readers.  Check it out.

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Bram Stoker award winning novelist Joe McKinney is to fans of zombie fiction what Elvis is to rock and roll.  Simply mention Joe’s name to zombie enthusiasts and they’re likely to swoon and pass out.

If a zombie invasion were to ever go down, Joe could handle it.  After all, in his day job, he’s a Sergeant with the San Antonio, TX Police Department, where he’s a patrol supervisor.  He’s also worked as a homicide detective and a disaster mitigation specialist.

51CTSWUWJzL__SX302_BO1,204,203,200_As if that weren’t impressive enough, he’s also the author of the Dead World series.  The action begins in Dead City.  After a series of hurricanes rocks the Gulf Coast, a zombifying virus spreads to San Antonio, where police officer Eddie Hudson has to brave a zompoc in order to get his wife and…

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