Pop Culture Mysteries vs. Undesiredverse

I’m committed to writing novels in both worlds within the next year, but I’m curious to find out which you 3.5 readers enjoy more?

6 thoughts on “Pop Culture Mysteries vs. Undesiredverse

  1. Anita Lovett says:

    Pop culture mysteries! Love the writing style.

    No matter how the votes go, pick the one that excites you most. 😉

    • Yeah I love that style too. I was hoping I could rattle a draft of Undesiredverse off in a month, polish it up maybe get it out like in April then at least I’d have a book out and then spend the rest of the year on Pop Culture Mysteries, which is fun but I think will take longer.

      But as is expected, Undesiredverse gets complicated too the more I delve into it so…sigh. There’s no easy idea that writes itself quickly I guess.

      • Anita Lovett says:

        There’s always the short story approach.

        Write a handful of shorts and publish them as a novella. You could do it for either or both Undesiredverse and Pop Culture Mysteries.

        Publish, market, and see which gains a greater response before diving into a book length tale. Just an idea I’ve seen some use in the past when undecided. It makes editing a bit more manageable, too.

      • True. Good idea. For some reason, I’m hung up on the idea that I can tie blogs to books (posting stories about the characters on a blog to eventually attract readers to books about them)

        I have a feeling maybe people don’t like to read stories on blogs but…I don’t know…I’ll just keep trying stuff until something sticks.

  2. davidprosser says:

    I love humour. The biggest loss in my life right now is the Terry Pratchett book my sister in law buys me every year.But, not everyone can craft a world, populate it and create stories to fit the characters or maybe find characters to fit the stories.
    I actually have the feeling you could. Not being too sure what Pop Culture Mysteries are I couldn’t throw my vote in that direction yet.

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