How the West Was Zombed – Part 13 – One Year Later


A year has passed since the West has been zombed.

Miles makes a deal with a suspicious new acquaintance.

Annabelle takes up Doc’s cause.

Slade and Miss Bonnie head to Arizona and get a visit from Wyatt Earp.

And finally…a master outdoorsman is put on the path to the presidency.

Chapter 123       Chapter 124     Chapter 125

Chapter 126       Chapter 127      Chapter 128

Chapter 129       Chapter 130       Chapter 131

Chapter 132       Chapter 133       Chapter 134

Chapter 135       Chapter 136


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4 thoughts on “How the West Was Zombed – Part 13 – One Year Later

  1. Is it wrong that I want you to use a different picture to head the undead hand novel. I see the skull and I think new chapters…but then it turns out to be reboot of zombed and I already read that, LOL

    • I also want another photo. I’m low on good Shutterstock photos that sort of relate. The skull didn’t either other than it sort of looked like a horror writer’s desk.

      There are some good ones that would apply but I am too cheap to spend the money. Alas, same reason why I haven’t had any new boyfriend/girlfriend warning sign lists lately.

    • What did you think of that Epilogue? I’m basically working up to Teddy Roosevelt vs. Zombies.

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