Undead Man’s Hand – Chapter 37


August 2, 1876

A horse drawn carriage stopped in front of the Grand Central Hotel. The coachmen waited patiently as the finely dressed travelers in the back engaged in a discussion.

“Oh just let me do it,” Henry said. “I’ve wanted to execute the hideous little twerp for the past couple centuries anyway.”

Lady Beatrice stared at the hotel through the window of the carriage. It was evening. It was a humid evening. Warm and sticky.

“You were right about him,” Lady Beatrice said. “It was my mistake. I shall fix it.”

“Will you?” Henry asked.

The lady glared at Henry. “And what does that question mean?”

“Vampires care about very little other than their children,” Henry said. “I fear you may have concocted some notion that you’ll set him free. The Chairman would not be please.”

Lady Beatrice sighed. “‘The Chairman,’” she scoffed. “I miss the old days when he was just father.”

“Times change,” Henry said.

“That they do,” the lady replied. “Cease your concern. I’ll take care of it.”

“Be reasonable,” Henry said. “At least allow me to gather a team to dispatch Hickok.”

“Henry,” the lady said. “Am I not the Vice-Chairwoman of the Legion Corporation now?”

“You are,” Henry said.

“The number two being in the entire organization,” Lady Beatrice continued. “Second only to the Chairman himself.”

“Quite right but…”

“I outrank you, don’t I?” the lady inquired.

Henry was displeased with that question. “In theory, but…”

“There’s no ‘in theory’ about it,” Lady Beatrice said. “Stand down, counselor. I have the mission under control.”

Henry reached across the carriage and took the lady’s hand. “It’s not the mission I’m worried about.”
“If you’re referring to ‘us’ then you would have been at least one ounce kinder to Jericho in all these years,” Lady Beatrice said.

“Kind to that thing?” Henry asked.

Disgusted, the lady opened the door and hopped out of the carriage.

“Beatrice,” Henry said.

The lady turned. “That thing is my son.”

“I know,” Henry said.

“He has a name,” the lady said.

“I’m aware,” Henry replied.

The Lady walked away. “That will be all, counselor.”

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