OK…I don’t want to be that guy that keeps going back and forth between novels but there’s been an idea in my head for a long time so I figured I’d just take a couple nights to get out the first part to see if it is feasible.

Zombies + Vacation = Zomcation.

Drummed out of the military under bogus charges, Jack “Mack” Mackenzie, a hulking beast of a man with a bad ass attitude crashes at the home of his sister, a mousy librarian separated from her lousy husband and currently having custody of her two kids, aka Mack’s niece and nephew.

Prior to the separation, the family had planned a vacation to Wombat World, located in sunny Florida, a theme park dedicated to America’s favorite cartoon wombat.  (No relation to any other theme parks, obviously.)

Since killing bad guys is Mack’s only marketable skill, he has a hard time adjusting to civilian life and is fired from a multitude of minimum wage jobs as the die hard commando just can’t seem to fit in with the normals.

Mack is guilted by his sister and the kids into taking their estranged husband/father’s place on the trip (since the father’s park pass has already been paid for).

He assumes he will have a horrible time.  After all, a theme park dedicated to a cartoon wombat is no place for a rugged manly man.

But when the theme park is overrun by zombies…Mack is in his element.

I don’t know.  I don’t want to jump from idea to idea to idea.  Sticking with one idea for months is the only way to get it done.

I’m just curious if this has legs.  Let me know, 3.5.


4 thoughts on “Zomcation

  1. There are lots of people who work on multiple things at once. And certainly some who say it is the only way to make a name for yourself because you need a broad body of work to get reader attention. I think what it comes down to is finding a style that works for you. A working style that is.

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