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Magnum P.I. to Be Rebooted with a Female Magnum

:::slaps forehead:::

OK 3.5 readers, repeat after me:

  • Should there be action movies, spy movies, cop movies, super hero movies etc with a female hero now that society is more open to this?  Yes.
  • Should Thor, Iron Man, James Bond, Ocean’s 11 and God help me, now my beloved Magnum P.I. be turned into a woman? No. Make your own new strong, tough female characters because if you keep female-izing male characters, then you’re basically saying that all women should aspire to be men, that women have secretly always longed to be the male heroes and now those male heroes must be replaced with female versions of those heroes.

Fun fact – I loved Magnum P.I. as a kid.  Loved the Selleck mustache. Loved the red sports car. Loved Hawaii. Loved Higgins.  Loved the love/hate rivalry he had with Higgins where Higgins was stuck up and snooty while Magnum flew by the seat of his pants.

Magnum worked because men wanted to dream about being a private eye in Hawaii and bagging hot chicks while living on a wealthy novelist’s estate.

I don’t have a woman’s mind.  If women do dream about being action stars or private eyes or whatever that’s fine, but to turn Magnum into a chick belies an underlying thought that women have long yearned to turn themselves into a 1980s man hunk with a hairy chest who was the reason why every 1980s dude had a mustache.

Anyway, that’s just me.  Society is more open to female heroes, so seize the day and make these heroes but its lame to just reinvent a male hero and slap a vagina on him.

Am I wrong? I don’t know.  Tell me in the comments.


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