Best Pickup Lines – #200-210

#201 – Girl, I’m going to rock your world.  But first, excuse me while I change my colostomy bag.  It’s full.

#202 – Bend over and let me come over.

#203 – I’m ridiculously potent.  In fact, I’ve impregnated over 350 women just by looking at them.  Come to think of it, you’ve probably got a bun in the oven right now.  Enjoy!

#204 – Did I just fart?  Yes.  Am I proud of it?  Most indeed.

#205 – Are you a stripper?  Can I catch you later? I’m all out of ones.

#206 – That’s not me.  That’s just a roll of quarters in my pocket. I’m going to do some laundry later.

#207 – If they can put a man on the moon then surely we can put this man in your poon.

#208 – Funny, I never would have looked at you twice a decade ago but in the last ten years I lost my job, my hair, my waistline and my pride so…let’s get down baby.

#209 – You, me and a jar of mayo makes three.

#210 – Come, my dear.  Let us spread our naked bodies with potato salad and writhe on the grass in the moonlight.






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