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Daily Discussion with BQB – Bill Cosby to Go to Jail

Hey 3.5 readers.

Bill Cosby, “The Coz” is headed for the slammer, the hoosegow, the stoney lonesome.

It’s sad.  For you younger 3.5 readers, you may not realize this guy was once America’s Dad and that was a big achievement because, you know, he was black and that was a new thing at the time.  There weren’t a lot of good TV roles for African Americans at the time and then suddenly you’ve got this show full of positive role models for anyone, black or white, to look up to.

The Cosby Show was riotously funny for its time, managing to transcend racial lines to discuss issues about family, growing up, teaching kids to take responsibility for their lives, education, doing the right thing etc yet somehow it managed to do so with humor and without being overly preachy.

My favorite episode is the one where young son Theo claims to have it all figured out, he’s going to drop out of school, not go to college, fend for himself and Cosby shows him via Monopoly money just how much the world is going to take from him if he doesn’t push himself to reach his full earning potential.  “Are you going to have a girlfriend?”  “Yep,” Theo replies and then wham, Bill takes the money and leaves the kid with nothing.

Plus, he sold Kodak film (product that eventually became irrelevant), New Coke (people demanded a return of the old coke) and pudding pops (which were freaking delicious and does anyone know if they still make them?  I want one right now that I am thinking about them.)

Sigh.  It is sad that apparently while he was doing so much good he was also apparently drugging ladies and taking advantage of them…I guess people think that fame will help them get away with so many bad things but it finally caught up with him.

Dave Chapelle put it best.  Imagine something you really love, like ice cream, then imagine hearing that thing is a rapist.  Damn, ice cream is a rapist.  Now I can’t enjoy ice cream anymore.

Sad.  What say you, 3.5 readers?

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Best Pickup Lines – #200-210

#201 – Girl, I’m going to rock your world.  But first, excuse me while I change my colostomy bag.  It’s full.

#202 – Bend over and let me come over.

#203 – I’m ridiculously potent.  In fact, I’ve impregnated over 350 women just by looking at them.  Come to think of it, you’ve probably got a bun in the oven right now.  Enjoy!

#204 – Did I just fart?  Yes.  Am I proud of it?  Most indeed.

#205 – Are you a stripper?  Can I catch you later? I’m all out of ones.

#206 – That’s not me.  That’s just a roll of quarters in my pocket. I’m going to do some laundry later.

#207 – If they can put a man on the moon then surely we can put this man in your poon.

#208 – Funny, I never would have looked at you twice a decade ago but in the last ten years I lost my job, my hair, my waistline and my pride so…let’s get down baby.

#209 – You, me and a jar of mayo makes three.

#210 – Come, my dear.  Let us spread our naked bodies with potato salad and writhe on the grass in the moonlight.






Play Rampage Online for Free!!!

Hey 3.5 readers.

BQB here.

I loved playing “Rampage” as a kid.  Well, if you’re like me and want to play it again…I’m surprised I missed this but as a promotion for the movie with “The Rock” a site was made that allows you to play the classic version of the game right in your web browser.

Punch buildings, eat humans, and go crazy as a giant gorilla, lizard or wolf:


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