TV Review – The Conners (2018)


Roseanne epically shot herself in the foot.  There’s no doubt about it.  She had a major comeback only to throw it all away by making a stupid racist comment.

So I get why they cancelled her show…but I think it was stupid to bring it back without her.

Roseanne was that show and even without her, she’s still there.  All the characters do now is talk about her.  Who needs to watch a sad show that’s supposed to be a comedy even though the family is grieving about their dead mother?

I think they could have come up with something funnier.  Roseanne loses her mind and goes on a wild, cross-country crime spree.  Maybe Roseanne gets kicked out of Lanford for being a racist.  Maybe she posts a racist tweet.  Maybe offends the entire town for being racist and her family has to put up with her hiding in the basement from everyone who wants to rip her a new one.  Once in awhile, the family tosses some food down the basement and someone doing a Roseanne impression cackles.

I just think that she’s dead is so dark for a comedy.  I get that ABC and all the actors were riding on this comeback and Roseanne screwed it up so they should at least get another season but man, I don’t know…I just think they could have thought of a funnier explanation as to why Roseanne isn’t around anymore.

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4 thoughts on “TV Review – The Conners (2018)

  1. fiddletwix says:

    I really don’t think this show will last. It takes a lot of talent and skill to pull off a show without its main driving force, and love her or hate her or be somewhere in the middle, but Roseanne….well, was Roseanne.Change the name all you want, you’re still trying to do Roseanne without Roseanne. I just don’t think they have what it takes to mimic that, especially when you’re simultaneously trying to outrun a wave of depressing overtones due to her death.

    I also think it was an unnecessarily dark move to have her not only die but have it be of an overdose. Usually they explain away deaths with car accidents or something, but an overdose is particularly morbid.

    They could have easily made an excuse for her being gone, they’ve done it before, like when Dan was off at that mental hospital for his mom, but they just wanted to assure the audience that she was never coming back – like a definitive ‘screw you’ to her behavior akin to what they did with Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men.

    The actors and crew definitely don’t deserve to suffer because of her behavior, but I don’t see this surviving once the initial curiosity is gone.

    • The problem is they set out to punish her by kicking her off the show yet all they do on the show is talk about her so they are basically saying she’s right and the show isn’t much without her.

      • fiddletwix says:

        Very true. I suppose a bigger slap to the face would be doing something random like just briefly mentioning she’s dead and then never bringing it up again and moving on, but you can’t really do that in a sitcom that prides itself on being realistic. You don’t have a major character death without it being a big part of what the other characters talk about for the next while and frequently bringing it up afterward.

        They really would’ve been better off just saying she’s gone somewhere. Then you can just mention her in passing once in a while but never really harp on it.

  2. tiffany7291 says:

    Its starting to feel like tv is in the twilight zone or doing some experiment. The sheer amount of reboots is kinda making me think they’ve ran out of ideas. Roseanne,,Magnum,,Will & Grace,,MacGyver,,Hawaii 5-0,,Murphy Brown,,I’m sure I’m forgetting some. Not sure why this has become the thing to do on tv lately. They cannot hold up to the originals-with or without the original actors.

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