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My Rant on the Sentinel Island Murder Story

Hey 3.5 readers.

BQB here.

Up front, I want to say I’m not making fun or light of or disparaging the 27 year old missionary who died recently on Sentinel Island.  What happened to him is terrible and I can’t say that enough.

I am, however, going to use this as a springboard to bitch about millennials, one of my favorite pastimes on this blog.

I’ve noticed that millennials tend to put life experiences over material possessions.  Ergo, they (and not all but a good amount) prefer to spend money on vacations to exotic lands instead of say, putting a down payment on a house.

Not going to lie.  There are times when I think about spending my meager savings on a trek around the world but alas, the thought of having to eventually come back and live with my pain in the ass family when I go broke makes me want to gorge myself to death on avocado toast.

But perhaps there are millennials with fams that are more tolerable than mine.  At any rate, fun is for the young and I can’t blame a youngster for wanting to see the world.  Hell, if you’re older and in relatively good shape, you should see the world too if you can.

I think social media has something to do with this.  When I was young, the most you could do was try to impress a date with your story of a far flung expedition.  Now you can take photos of yourself in an exotic locale and post them and make your friends hella green with envy.  Not saying that’s why millennials do this but I mean, come on, surely a few do.

Unfortunately, sometimes the millennials go a little too far.  Otto Warmbier, for example.  Now, I’m not saying in any way that North Korea is excused for what they did but whenever I hear about an American who was caught and imprisoned and tortured in a hellhole that is constantly on the news and known well to be a hellhole my first reaction is, “Damn it.  Did these people not see that Carnival Cruise commercial?  Did Kathie Lee Gifford sing her heart out for nothing?”

Look, my vacation time and funds are limited.  If I get to go away, it is going to be to a tropical paradise and my preferred form of torture will be to ogle hot babes in skimpy outfits that I will never be able to obtain (unless 1 million of you buy my book tomorrow).

Where was I?  So this young missionary went to India.  Off the Indian coast, there’s a series of islands.  One of them is Sentinel Island (I could have my facts wrong so see  the news for better info) and there is a long isolated tribe.  This tribe knows nothing of modern ways.  They live off the land.  There are documented cases where they open fire with bow and arrow attacks on all trespassers.

At any rate, this guy hired some fishermen to take him to the island even though doing so is against Indian law and though he hoped to preach the gospel, it sounds like he was arrow attacked and killed pretty much instantly.

Part of me says the tribe were dicks for doing this.  Part of me thinks this is like putting your hand in the tiger cage at the zoo and then thinking the tiger is a dick when it rips your arm off.

I don’t want to make fun of this kid.  His death is tragic.  I don’t blame him for wanting to experience great things while he was young.  Personally, I look back on my youth, wishing I had great stories to remember and am saddened that it is largely a cloud of me on the couch playing video games and eating doritos, so I hand it to this kid that he did more with his life than I did but still…I just hope millennials will chill out a bit.

Go on fun exotic vacations?  Yes.  Go to places where you are most likely going to be killed, tortured or imprisoned? No.  Please don’t.

End of rant.

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Movie Review – Robin Hood (2018)

He stole from the middle-class (i.e. me and my ticket price) and robbed me of 2 hours.

Or did he?

BQB here with a review of “Robin Hood.”

Yeah, I know.  That line above was catty and it is more or less what other critics are saying.  Truth is, I had a hard time with this one because there are parts of it that are quite awesome and overall, it is an enjoyable popcorn flick that had the potential to be truly great had it just been tweaked in some areas.

Taron Egerton, Hollywood’s favorite Brit these days, plays Lord Robin of Loxley, forced to leave an idyllic life of schtupping Maid Marion in his fabulously swanky castle to go off to war and fight the crusades in Arabia.

An early scene shows Robin and co. dressed in garb that straddles the line between ancient and modern and an inner city battle is a bit reminiscent of what American soldiers might have seen when they fought enemies in the Middle East in recent years.  I assume this is intentional as a commentary on modern war but then again, there are a number of touches, dialogue, and unfortunate clothing choices that make the viewer wonder if the film’s historical expert was out to lunch for most of the production.

In other words, this is not just Robin Hood.  It’s Woke Robin Hood.  When John (his real name is unpronounceable by the average English speaker for comedic effect), played by Jamie Foxx, an Arab who explains to Robin that this war and all wars since the beginning of time are scams designed to make the rich richer off the backs of the poor (I suppose we could debate this back and forth forever), Robin returns to England and dawns the hood.

From thereon, he becomes a superhero style fighter.  By day, he remains Robin, using his wealth and influence to gain the Sheriff of Nottingham’s trust and by night, using that trust against the evil, war tax collecting politician by stealing his ill gotten gains and distributing them to the impoverished masses.  He’s like a Batman of long ago.

To its credit, it does have a powerful anti-war message and viewers might be struck with the irony that politicians have been pulling on the citizenry’s emotional strings to support wars since the beginning of time and it is a cycle we may never be free of.  Unfortunately, the way it is done is a tad heavy handed, a bit too modern for a historical piece, and at one point where there is a casino night where the wealthy wear elaborate, Hunger Games rich people style garbs as they play roulette, those sticklers for historical accuracy will cringe.  If you can keep saying, “It’s just a fantasy” then you’ll be ok.

STATUS: Truly, there are many cool scenes, awesome fights, stylish goings on and so forth.  Egerton, Foxx and cast do their jobs well.  It’s worth the price of admission but like I said, it’s a good film that you’ll watch and then never care to see again and that’s too bad because a few plot changes and some more attention to historical details would have made it a great film with long lasting appeal.  Alas, in time (like my books) it is destined to hang out in the Sherwood Forest of the 99 cent bin forever.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, 3.5 readers.  What are you thankful for? I am thankful for all 3.5 readers.