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Movie Review – Long Shot (2019)

The hot girl and the nerd hook up.

BQB here with a review.

You know 3.5 readers, when the women folk say the world is biased against them, they might be onto something.

After all, you never see a movie with a studly dude who gets charmed by a chubby nerd girl.  (This is where someone points me to that movie to prove me wrong.)

At any rate, Charlize Theron is the super hot Secretary of State Charlotte Field.  At a swanky cocktail party, she is reunited with her childhood friend Fred Flarsky, Seth Rogen as the windbreaker loving, foul mouthed out of work journalist in need of a job.

When an actor turned president played by Bob Odenkirk decides he’d rather return to acting, Field is the frontrunner.  She taps Flarsky as a speechwriter and soon enough, a romance is kindled.

Potty humor and most jokes revolve around getting the hot Theron to say naughty things.

It’s funny and that’s saying something with the state of comedy today.

STATUS: Shelf-worthy.