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TV Review – Game of Thrones – Season 8, Episode 3 – The Long Night

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BQB here.

So, this episode was a long time coming.  It’s the end of the road for many characters, their purposes and story lines coming to a final fulfillment.

We lost Dondarion – we always wondered why the Lord of Light favored him and now we know why.

We lost Jorah – fighting to the death to protect the girl who kept him in the friend zone.

We lost Theon, who was finally forgiven by the Stark he wronged.

I think we lost Brienne but I’m not sure.

We lost Lady Mormont, the little hero being squeezed by a giant.

We lost the Red Woman, her purpose finally fulfilled.

Overall, a great episode.  And that the Knight King was dispatched so early and yet there are so many episodes left makes me think we’ll get the Khaleesi vs. Cersei battle we’ve long waited for.

Was the show too dark?  Yes, as in it was literally too dark.  They’re doing this thing now where they want realism.  So when it is night, they make it so dark you can barely see anything.  Occasionally, a fire will light up and you can see.  Some people like this.  I don’t.  I think it’s possible to show a scene at night and still light it so it is watchable.

Sure, it’s not realistic.  It’s like when some genius points out that a movie taking place in China yet how unrealistic it is that the characters are speaking English.  Yes, it is, but on the other hand, I don’t have time to become fluent in Mandarin just to watch a movie.

But Hollywood seems bent on the dark night scenes now.  I see this in movies and also other TV shows.  Sometimes I’ll spend whole episodes of the Walking Dead just squinting at the screen.

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