Daily Archives: May 11, 2019

Rewatching Game of Thrones

I rewatched the first episode of Game of Thrones and was surprised at how far the show has gone.  So many characters that were important to the show then are long dead now.  Today’s main characters were so young.  The younger ones were mere babies.

Ned, Catelyn, Robb, Khal Drogo, all gone.  So sad.  At least Khaleesi was willing to show off her butt then.

Game of Thrones Review – Season 8 Episode 4 – The Last of the Starks

This was another talking episode.  A lot of talk around the post white walker battle dinner table.  A lot of advancements though.  Gendry is an official Baratheon and there’s a mounting problem with John Snow’s claim to the Iron Throne.

Khaleesi lost another dragon.  And her BFF.  She is not happy.