Daily Archives: January 28, 2023

Happy New Year!

Happy new year, beloved 3.5 readers.

I hope there is still 3.5 of you after my holiday hiatus.

I took most of December and January off from bloggery but I am back. I took some time out in December to work on health and life improvement. I did great in December. Hit a bit of a wall in January but still doing better than usual. Here’s to making February much, much better. I’m doing that thing where I make an effort to think about how lousy I felt this past Christmas about all my problems, how next Christmas is but a year away (actually only about 11 months now) and how much better I’ll feel at the end of this year if I put in the work and sacrifice short term gratification in the name of long term gains at the end of this year.

Hate to say it but when I get in that self-improvement zone, blogging and social media tend to go because I start to think, really, what does my opinion matter? Why am I wasting time shouting my meaningless opinion into the void with no credit to back it up?

But in nearly 9 years of bloggery, I haven’t let one month go by without posting at least once, so here’s my January post.

What is new with you, 3.5 readers?