Daily Discussion with BQB – Uninspired

I am uninspired.  Just talk about anything.


11 thoughts on “Daily Discussion with BQB – Uninspired

  1. Anita Lovett says:

    School lets out for the summer tomorrow. I’m about to be forcefully inundated with source material. White flag is on standby. May need reinforcements…how’s the yeti with minion control? :-p

  2. I bought new outdoor furniture. And so of course summer went away today… And I’ve decided breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day. I rather think it sucks. Pennsylvania is loosening its Draconian liquor laws, that’s a thing. We will soon be able to buy wine in the grocery store and beer in convenience stores, so YAY!

    • Surprisingly I have thoughts on that. I sometimes wonder if keeping liquor in liquor stores might be a good thing as opening up a liquor store is one of the few small businesses a Mom and Pop or the average person can open on their own. Everything else, whatever it is, seems to be covered by a big corporation.

      Then again, free market I guess.

  3. I have to miss my writing time today to go be verbally abused by the club membership because they think the board isn’t working hard enough at dodging county and state regulations. Sigh. Too bad for the membership, the board is honest.

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