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Video Game Rack Fighter’s Video Game of the Month – May 2016 – Halo 5

By: Video Game Rack Fighter, Official Bookshelf Battle Video Game Reviewer


Ms. Video Game Rack Fighter – World’s Number One Car Thief Mayhem Champion; BQB’s Love Interest Until She Can Find a Man with a Blog That Has 7.5 Readers

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, 3.5 readers.

The Master Chief is at it again and this time he’s run afoul of UNSC (United Nations Space Command) in Halo 5.

Gotta level with you.  This game came out in October, so it’s a bit lame that I’m only now getting around to review it.

Then again, it’s equally lame that that nerd BQB only let me have a column in April.

Halo.  What a franchise. What a series. For at least 16 years or so, it’s been the number one reason why you need to have an X-Box.

There’s an intricate back story involving intergalactic intrigue, but if you don’t care about it, you can always just have fun turning aliens into go.

No offense, Alien Jones.  I’m not talking about good aliens.  I’m talking about douche aliens.

Aliens like the species who have formed the Covenant, an organization dedicated to wiping out humanity.

The Master Chief has come a long way and he’s still going. This time he’s disobeying UNSC command.  Throughout the game, you go back and forth, sometimes playing as the Master Chief, sometimes playing as Jameson Locke, the Spartan soldier ordered to bring the Chief in.

The Arbiter (an alien on the UNSC’s side) returns with Keith David lending his voice.  Meanwhile, Nathan Fillion of Firefly and last season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer gives his voice and likeness to create a Spartan soldier on Locke’s team.

Halo really upped the video game ante back in the day.  Perhaps there are video game historians with better memories than mine but I believe it was one of the very first (some might even argue the first) game where a character could run around, or jump in a vehicle, or ride in a vehicle while a computerized character drives.  Essentially, the entire battlefield is immersive and along the way, you choose the best weapons, vehicles and overall approach that fits your strengths and weaknesses.

Do you need to have played the previous five? You’ve missed out if you haven’t but no, you’ll still catch the plot. If you don’t catch it, just shoot some aliens and keep running.

Or climb in your Warthog and drive in an epic race towards safety. No Halo game is ever complete without an epic Warthog chase.

STATUS: Rack worthy.




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Random Thoughts

  •  Is it me, or does WordPress change things around every five seconds?  I feel like no two visits to my dashboard are ever the same.  File under: nerd problems.
  • If you haven’t checked out Undesiredverse: Wanted yet, please do.  Give me a thumbs up or a thumbs down.  Tell me if it stinks.  Tell me if you like it.  Tell me if you think there are dishwasher instruction manuals that could get more sales.  I’d love your input, especially the negative kind to help it improve.
  • Did I mention you can read it on bookshelfbattle.com or on Wattpad?  If you’re on Wattpad, you might find that to be the better experience as all the Chapters are right there whereas they tend to get bumped down on this blog.
  • Call of Duty.  Halo 5.  Fallout 4.  Star Wars:  Battlefront.  I don’t think I’ll see Video Game Rack Fighter again until March:


Video Game Rack Fighter

  • I was sorry to hear about Charlie Sheen.  There are probably 10,000 jokes that could be made about how this is not surprising but Attorney Donnelly advises me that AIDS jokes have been unacceptable since 1990.
  • Alien Jones is still available for Ask the Alien.  Come to think of it, he might have one or two questions rolling around to get to.  Feel free to ask him yours and if he approves he’ll plug your book/blog.
  • Why do people eat pudding?  It has all the calories but none of the awesomeness of other desserts.  You might as well have had ice cream.  Eating pudding for dessert instead of the ice cream in your fridge is like taking your cousin on a date when Charlize Theron really wanted to go with you.
  • Sometimes I want to tape fallen leaves back onto trees.  It seems like a waste and also a shame the trees are left naked.
  • I just invented a time machine.  I used it to travel to ten seconds ago to get myself to change the subject and hey look!  A hippopotamus in a pink tutu!
  • Do you think that because I went back in time and changed the above random musing, that there will be disastrous effects on the world?  They say the smallest tinkering with the past can change the future in terrible ways.  Still, I can’t help but think that my life would be better now if I go back in time and tell myself to stop picking my nose so much.  It would have prevented my deviated septum, the various brain restorative surgeries, and also I might have gotten more chicks.  Then again, I might not have met Video Game Rack Fighter.  Oh well.  I guess I’ll stay a nose picker.




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