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Les Miserables – #NanoWriMo Edition

Here’s my series of tweets in which I took two songs from the play/movie, Les Miserables and geared them toward #NanoWriMo

Look Down – NanoWriMo Edition

So embarrassing!  One of those tweets has a “You’re” that should be a “Your.”  I wish there was an “edit tweet” function.  Oh well.  Here’s my other twitter-tastic creation:

The Confrontation:  NanoWriMo Edition

Especially creative?  Too much time on my hands?  A little from Column A and Column B?  You be the judge!

Are you participating in NanoWriMo?  Are you at least taking part in the #NanoWriMo discussions?  Follow @bookshelfbattle for more booktabulous fun.

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