Top Ten Jokes About X-Files Return to Televison

10.  Cigarette Smoking Man Replaced With Vapor Huffing Man

9.   Scully and Mulder now solve every mystery through Google.

8.  Aliens check out latest Earth news headlines.  Decide they aren’t interested.  Scully and Mulder retire.

7.  Agent Doggett fills in for a season so Duchovny can star in Evolution 2.

6.  The Lone Gunmen provide assistance faster now with Wi-Fi than they ever did with Dial-Up


5.  ADA Skinner is too busy with the Sons of Anarchy

4.  Nerds demand Mulder and Scully arrest Jar Jar Binks on whatever trumped up charges they can come up with.

3.  Today’s average street gangs have more firepower than the aliens, thus rendering efforts to protect the Earth from aliens obsolete.

2.  X-Files/Californication Crossover.  The aliens never wear pants anyway.

1.  The Truth is Out There…Huh?  I said, “The Truth is Out There!”  What?  “THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE, MULDER!  TURN UP YOUR HEARING AID!

Seriously, this is good news. I can’t wait.  I remember watching the original series and the first movie and it honestly feels like it was yesterday.  Maybe Scully and Mulder can solve the mystery of why time flies by so fast.

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2 thoughts on “Top Ten Jokes About X-Files Return to Televison

  1. I remember my sister would have to record the show with VHS. She would get so pissed when the tape ran out and failed to record the whole episode. Kids these days and their DVR have no idea what we had to go through to watch our shows.

    • Great show – really a predecessor to stuff on TV today. VCRs had their problems. On the other hand, they allowed us to fast forward commercials whereas today “The MAN” owns the technology and leaves us no choice.

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