#31Zombie Authors – Day 2 Interview – Jaime Johnesee – What If There’s a Good Zombie?

Not all zombies are bad. Some of them are pretty nice dudes. Last month, Jaime Johnesee take my space phone call to chat about Bob the Zombie, just a regular dude who accidentally became zombified and now he makes the best of it, whilst avoiding eating human brains.

He prefers Taco Bell. I do too. Mmm chalupas.

Check it out, nerds.

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Today’s guest is Jaime Johnesee, author of the Bob the Zombie series. Twenty-five year old slacker Bob dies in a comical way. When his mother can’t stand to see him gone, she hires a necromancer to bring him back to life and alas, Bob has to adjust to a new existence as an undead being.

Along the way, Bob is thrust into all kinds of funny scenarios, from taking on the dating world to becoming a spy.

Jaime, welcome. Thanks for taking my space phone call.

NOTE: BOLD=BQB; Italics=Jaime

misadventures of Bob Amazon Size copyQ.  A dispute has arisen amongst my group of survivors. My friend, Bernie Plotz, says all zombies are vicious monsters and we should waste every one of them that we come across. My girlfriend, Video Game Rack Fighter, maintains that they all can’t be that bad. There might be a few zombies who…

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