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Movie Review – Point Break (2015)

Wanted to like it. Did not.

Bookshelf Q. Battler here with a review of the Point Break reboot.


We older folks hate it when they remake/reboot our beloved classics, don’t we?

Personally, I’m ok with it. Making a new version doesn’t mean the old version disappears. It’s interesting to see what can be done with a plot and characters when the whole thing is updated to current times.

The new Robocop movie, for example, was, in my opinion, a great addition.

But then there’s this pile of junk that gives reboots a bad name.

Don’t get me wrong. The stunts are all spectacular. Squirrel suit diving, parachuting, big wave surfing, snowboarding, it is filled with all kinds of action that you’ll want to see on the big screen.

But it’s lacking in the character development department that made the original such a beloved hit.

If you’ve never seen either one, the plot is that there are a group of armed robbers/adrenaline junkies who follow a “live fast, die young” motto, constantly looking for the next high that comes with performing outrageous extreme sports.

FBI agent Johnny Utah, a danger junkie himself, is assigned to use his skills to infiltrate the gang undercover and along the way, befriends Bodhi, the gang’s leader. Utah is torn between friendship and camaraderie in a group that gets the adrenaline junkie lifestyle, but he’s also a cop and can’t allow them to keep breaking the law, robbing banks and so forth.

To this installment’s credit, they change up the plot a bit and try to make it their own. The original was set in America. This one goes all over the world.

But while efforts were made to cast a lot of good looking people, nothing really happens to make me care about what happens to them the way I did in the original.

It’s up to you on this one, 3.5 readers. If you’re into outrageous stunts, you’ll want to catch it on the big screen. If you were looking for plot, you’ll be disappointed.

STATUS : Not shelf worthy

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