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Where to Find Bookshelf Q. Battler


Bookshelf Battle Page 

Pop Culture Mysteries Page


Bookshelf Battle – @bookshelfbattle 

A new Pop Culture Mysteries Twitter handle that I’m not sure what to do with yet but feel free to follow it. – @popculturemyst

Google Plus 




Those are “my big four” i.e. the social media sites I’ve found to be most responsive. Facebook unfortunately seems to be “pay to play” whereas Twitter seems to be the most helpful.

Wattpad I’ve found to be helpful for my writing process.  I’ll write my first draft in a Word document, then rewrite it and post it on Wattpad and get reader feedback.

By the way, 3.5, any help you could give me would be appreciated. Please consider sharing your favorite Bookshelf Q. Battler post on your favorite time wasting social media outlet.

Believe me, your friends will find it more interesting than that picture of your lunch.

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