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A Guide to the Bookshelf Battleverse

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Our humble poindexter’s life is so vastly complicated that everything you need to know to avoid confusion has been laid out before you as follows:

Part 1 – Bookshelf Q. Battler, the 3.5 Readers and the Magic Bookshelf – or, the Head Nerd in Charge, the people who waste their time on his schlock, and the mystical piece of office furniture that makes his life interesting.

Part 2 – The Magic Bookshelf Characters – aka the little people who are eating BQB out of house and home, when they aren’t trying to blow it up.

Part 3 – BQB’s Family and BQB HQ – Where BQB hangs his hat and the people (and dog) most welcome there.

Part 4 – The Aliens – The Mighty Potentate who has declared that Earth’s fate rests on BQB’s writing career (sorry, Earth) and Alien Jones, the being dispatched by the Potent One to watch BQB’s back.

Part 5 – The Villains – A yeti, a mad scientist, and an angry blonde chick walk into a bar…

Part 6 – The Funky Hunks – Your mom’s favorite rap duo.

Part 7 – Pop Culture Mysteries – BQB’s spinoff blog, which you should check out at popculturemysteries.com

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#31ZombieAuthors – Day 21 Interview – Al K. Line – Zombie Botnets, Literally!

Humor + technology come together to turn the masses to zombies in this series by author Al K. Line

Are we zombified by social media? Does it have a brain draining power on us? If all you had to do to not become a zombie is avoid Twitter, could you do it?

If you can’t, you might be a zombie already.

Check out this great interview in which Al came to my rescue during October 2015’s #31ZombieAuthors Interview Series right here on bookshelfbattle.com

Bookshelf Battle



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My guest today is Al K. Line.

3.5 readers, you might want to log off Twitter for a moment.

Al’s the author of the Zombie Botnet series. The mayhem begins when a devastating computer virus delivers subliminal data packets via social media, turning computer users the world over into murderous creatures.

A resident of rural England, when Al isn’t busy writing, he spends his time with his wife, sons, and dogs, the latter of which he notes he has too many.

Al, welcome.


51wVI4sSyfL._SX295_BO1,204,203,200_ Q.  You’re the twenty-first zombie author I’ve interviewed this month and I have to admit, I honestly thought I’d of heard it all by now, but people becoming zombies via a computer virus? For the less tech savvy among us, can you explain how this works in your books?

A.  Sure. Ven…

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James Patterson Master Writing Class

Hello 3.5 Readers,

BQB here. Thinking about taking James Patterson’s Master Writing Class. 

Master Class is a website in which celebrities teach classes in their respective fields. So far they have James Patterson teaching writing, Usher teaching performance and Dustin Hoffman teaching acting.

The Patterson class comes with videos, materials, lessons, etc.  Obviously, its pre-recorded material. James Patterson isn’t going to get online live and teach you individually or anything.

100 bucks. On the one hand its a lot, on the other hand, its fairly reasonable when its something you enjoy.

Con – Not sure I have much time to devote to it. I barely find time to write as it is.

Here’s a review of the class by the blog Writing Unboxed.

If you’ve taken it, I’d love to hear from you. If not, check out the above info and let me know what you think.


Bookshelf Q. Battler

World’s Greatest Nerd

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