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#31ZombieAuthors Remix

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I’m thinking about inviting the 31 Zombie Authors back in October for another round of interviews, but this time, not in response to a zombie apocalypse in East Randomtown, but to help promote a book about zombies authored by yours truly.

Oh, that would mean I’d also have to write a book about zombies.

I enjoyed last October – it was a helluvalot of work but people enjoyed it.  It might be less work this time around since I’ve found 31 zombie authors willing to talk to me now.  (Assuming they’d still want to talk to me.  They might be too busy fending off their own zombies.)

Then I thought about writing a book about vampires instead and doing a vampire author interview promo.  It’d be a month of vampire interviews to promote a vampire book and the host would be Count Krakovich, Asshat Vampire. 

(By the way, I’m thinking Count Krakovich should be an A-Hole Vampire instead of an Asshat Vampire.  Fell free to weigh in on this very important matter.)

I like Halloween and Halloween related blog activities I suppose, but the big thing is I’d have to write a book…about either vampires or zombies.

And also I have Pop Culture Mysteries to think of.  The big lesson I learned last year was to stop spreading myself so thin, that I need to have FEWER projects in the works and to spend MORE time on them to develop higher quality.

Less is more, as they say.

What say you, 3.5 readers?

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Do You Write Sitting or Lying Down?

I tend to be a lier downer.  I plop into bed, get comfy, put the laptop on my stomach (I know you’re getting excited thinking about this 3.5 readers but stop, lets keep this professional) and then start writing.

I wonder if I’d get more done sitting up at a desk but then I also think if I’m comfortable I write more.  But lying down too much is bad for your health though.

Sometimes I split the difference and sit in a comfortable easy chair.

How do you write, 3.5 readers?

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Happy Tuesday 

Have a good one 3.5 readers.