Who Wins a Fight Between…

…a unicorn and a shark?

…a cornered honey badger and a zombie?

…a werewolf and a direwolf?

…a ninja and a guy that just works out a lot?

…your mother or your mother-in-law?

…a pegasus and a weasel?

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3 thoughts on “Who Wins a Fight Between…

  1. Mick Marston says:

    I think there’s a lot of conditions to be made for the unicorn versus shark battle. Are they on land or in the water? In either case, is there a way for both animals to breath? I would think there should be provisions made so it’s a fair fight overall. But I think that in the end I would root for the unicorn, but bet on the shark.

  2. A Trump and a Clinton…Weasel and a Weasel.

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