Zomcation Thoughts

shutterstock_225100087Hey 3.5 readers.

17,000 words in four days tells me that when your book is not set in the past and the plot isn’t that complicated, then you are able to get on a roll and not have to stop every five minutes to look up whether or not a certain product existence in old times or to think about what needs to happen with a in order for b to happen.

This is pretty much an action comedy with zombies.  Uncle/ex-soldier, kicked out of his unit, hates living with his sister and feels like a loser when he works at a fast food job, gets himself fired, ends up going on a vacation with his sister and niece and nephew to Wombat World because his sister and her husband are on the outs and she had a ticket that was going to go unused.

Blah blah blah, treachery ensues, zombies take over Wombat World and Mack must save the day.

I like it. At first it isn’t that complicated though I know it will have to get a little complicated as the tale moves forward and the zombies attack.  Something must happen to build the suspense.

Often in a good zombie story, the zombies aren’t the villains but rather there’s a human villain using the situation to his/her advantage.

This will be interesting because there is a female villain in this one. Not sure I’m a big fan of that, not because of some idea that women can’t be villains but because I’m not looking forward to a scene where a woman gets knocked around but somehow I think it will all work out.

It’s funny how you can go in with an idea and then characters start leaping off the page.  One unsung hero I think is Abby, Mack’s sister, who doesn’t really live her life but rather, life just happened and decided what she must do.

She married a dude she doesn’t really like.  She isn’t getting much satisfaction out of work. Her kids are little jerk faces who are mean to her.

And there’s a sign I think of how getting older has helped me write better. I’ve now seen life through the eyes of a kid who says things he doesn’t understand the full weight of and how those words can hurt someone and I’ve lived life as an adult who has had kids tell me jerky things and like Abby, I’ve just brushed it off because I know kids don’t understand what they’re saying.

Of course, I’ve never been a bad ass action hero, but a lot of this will just be an homage to a lot of my favorite action movies combined with endless parody of a certain park that shall remain nameless.

I’ve noticed several of you have been checking it out so if you have any feedback let e know.

Thank you 3.5 and remember, when in doubt, call your fairy wombat.

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