Magnum P.I. to Be Rebooted with a Female Magnum

:::slaps forehead:::

OK 3.5 readers, repeat after me:

  • Should there be action movies, spy movies, cop movies, super hero movies etc with a female hero now that society is more open to this?  Yes.
  • Should Thor, Iron Man, James Bond, Ocean’s 11 and God help me, now my beloved Magnum P.I. be turned into a woman? No. Make your own new strong, tough female characters because if you keep female-izing male characters, then you’re basically saying that all women should aspire to be men, that women have secretly always longed to be the male heroes and now those male heroes must be replaced with female versions of those heroes.

Fun fact – I loved Magnum P.I. as a kid.  Loved the Selleck mustache. Loved the red sports car. Loved Hawaii. Loved Higgins.  Loved the love/hate rivalry he had with Higgins where Higgins was stuck up and snooty while Magnum flew by the seat of his pants.

Magnum worked because men wanted to dream about being a private eye in Hawaii and bagging hot chicks while living on a wealthy novelist’s estate.

I don’t have a woman’s mind.  If women do dream about being action stars or private eyes or whatever that’s fine, but to turn Magnum into a chick belies an underlying thought that women have long yearned to turn themselves into a 1980s man hunk with a hairy chest who was the reason why every 1980s dude had a mustache.

Anyway, that’s just me.  Society is more open to female heroes, so seize the day and make these heroes but its lame to just reinvent a male hero and slap a vagina on him.

Am I wrong? I don’t know.  Tell me in the comments.


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7 thoughts on “Magnum P.I. to Be Rebooted with a Female Magnum

  1. E.C. Orr says:

    On the one hand, I agree. I’d rather see new, awesome, badass women in strong roles where they are the main star and get all the time and bag the super hot dude who otherwise serves no purpose in the show. (The only one I really liked was X23 and that’s more of a soft spot kickback to my childhood.)

    However, a show that is reinvented is more likely to get more press – not necessarily the good kind, but press nonetheless – than a new show that the boys will all write off as “another one of those women kicking butts” things that they’re “getting tired of seeing so much of” these days. Because there isn’t a ton of repetitive shit where male roles are concerned.

    Regardless, I don’t want to see Tom Selleck as a woman. That would be creepy. But I wouldn’t mind seeing a badass private eye lady in a red sports car solving crimes in Hawaii (sorry, no mustache). But that’s just me.

    Also, this: because J-Law as Thor = win.

    • First, it will most likely suck because it is a reboot. Most TV shows/movies rebooted from old TV shows/movies are terrible and are just examples of Hollywood suits wasting their and our time by playing it safe with their money by bringing back something that fans of the original will at least tune into the first couple of episodes out of nostalgia until realizing it sucks and tuning out.

      The new Lethal Weapon TV show, for example, looks godawful.

      Second, I think back to the 90s when reboots were less prevalent and there, original comic bookish TV shows featuring women did well. You had Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alias, and Dark Angel just to name a few.

      To me, it just reeks of women saying “Ha ha ha, your beloved Magnum was oppressing us all along so we killed him and brought him back with a vagina! And James Bond, Ocean’s 11, Thor, Iron Man, all those men were oppressing us with their existence so they’re all dead now and brought back to life as women!”

      I wouldn’t want to see Buffy, Alias, or Dark Angel rebooted with men as the leads. I don’t feel like Buffy, Alias, or Dark Angel oppressed me with their existences. Rather, they had different approaches to defeating evil due to being women that men wouldn’t have necessarily used.

      I don’t want to see Bob the Vampire Slayer any more than Jane Bond and on another level, if Hollywood would be more daring and do less reboots, someone with an original idea to wow us would be given a chance.

      • E.C. Orr says:

        Don’t worry, if it’ll suck anyway as a reboot, then the vaginas probably won’t stay. And if you really want to see more original women’s stuff, push for ut because Hollywood is going to vote on something that will get them some publicity and be more likely to garner attention than something new. They are big on money, not risks. Mostly, I just think that you shouldn’t worry too much about it. No one is going to get on board with it (for long) and women are going to ask for the same thing – to have their own stuff. I just don’t think giving your character a vagina is such an atrocity, I suppose.

      • If its any consolation, if someone were to reboot Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Bob the Vampire Slayer I’d be equally peeved and take it as a sign that some Hollywood suit somewhere decided that Sarah Michelle Gellar didn’t get it right and now a man has to take over.

      • E.C. Orr says:

        I don’t know… I might watch it if it was a sexy Bob the Vampire Slayer.

  2. I’m going to stay out of the male female arguement and just say for the most part reboots suck. I can only think of two that have at all justified their rebootness to me.
    1) the new star trek line. Love it.
    2) Hawaii 5-0 and only because hot guys. But even that is kind of meh.
    There are so many creative ideas out there and available.Give some new writers a chance and stop recycling what’s been done.

    • The new Star Trek movies are good though I don’t think the most recent one was as good as the first two.

      I haven’t watched Hawaii 5-0 original or new but the new has been on so long now they must be doing something right.

      I also thought the rebooted Robocop was good. So reboots and remakes don’t always fail…but many do. Many come off as just absurd parodies of the original.

      And it dawns on me that there are some cases where genders have switched and it wasn’t a big deal. Starbuck and Apollo were male best friends in the original Battlestar Galactica, they become a man and a woman with a will they or won’t they relationship in the remake and the remake was better than the original.

      But I strongly object to Magnum becoming a chick. Boo. Hiss.

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