Daily Discussion with BQB – Girl Scouts can Join Boy Scouts

Hey 3.5 readers.

BQB here.  Sooo…I’m all for equality but when I hear stories like this it drives me crazy.

Feminism, I always thought, wasn’t necessarily meant to turn women into men but to ensure women and men had the same opportunities.

At some point it became “women are better than men!” but then also…”Women are not equal until they BECOME men!”

I mean, if women are better than men, then why do women want to become men?  Make up your minds.

I get that the Boy Scouts are allowing girls to join Cub Scouts and Eagle Scouts, supposedly because Girl Scouts don’t cover those age ranges.  I don’t know if that’s true or not.  If you know about scouting please tell me.

At any rate, if that is true, couldn’t the Girl Scouts just increase their programs to include more stuff for girls in those age ranges?

For as long as I can remember there have been Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and if girls joining Boy Scouts is being celebrated then that basically means everyone is saying that girls aren’t happy unless they become boys.

James Bond must be a girl.  Thor must be a girl.  Boy Scouts must be girls.  Just be girls!  Stop trying to be men!  We are horrible!

6 thoughts on “Daily Discussion with BQB – Girl Scouts can Join Boy Scouts

  1. Karen Gray says:

    Here in the Scotland we have Scouts (Boys and girls but it’s just called “the Scouts”) Boys Brigade and Girls Brigade (religious versions of the Scouts and absolutely not mixed sex for religious reasons – I have separate thoughts on this due to my distaste for “religion” in general but that’s a different discussion) and Brownies/Guides. I know when I was little Cubs/Scouts was for boys and Brownies/Guides was for girls. I also know a lot of girls were fed up and irritated because it was very old fashioned “life goal” orientated and they wanted to do all the survival and camping and outdoorsy things that the boys did — so the Scouts opened it’s doors to the girls. They didn’t create a section for them (here at least) they just treated everyone as “Scouts” regardless of gender. I would class myself as feminist but not in the way these “super-feminists” are… I mean I won’t be looked down on because i’m Female, I won’t accept being seen as “less” and I won’t sit back and be told “you can’t do that because you are female” but that’s it. I don’t want to BE male, and I think some people take this femenism (or more accurately “super-femenism” too far.

    • Here the Boy Scout organization has Cub Scouts for young boys, Boy Scouts for late elementary to middle school and Eagle Scouts for high school. Eagle scouts do actual serious projects and its a good thing to put on a college resume. I can kind of get why they’d open the cubs and eagles to girls…I don’t know if the Girl Scout organization has similar offerings though they put out a statement saying the boy scouts suck and are resorting to trying to steal girls to save themselves was the gist of it. The super feminism just bugs me. Perhaps the better course would have been to get the Girl Scouts to have more offerings. Otherwise it sort of reeks of girls just can’t be considered to be any good unless they become boys. Like the James Bond must become Jane Bond crowd. Stop trying to make James a girl. Girls can be spies too.

      • Karen Gray says:

        Absolutely! And making the ghostbusters women also. Not that I mind the actresses but i’m sorry, it will always be the original guys for me, why make them female? It wasn’t like “women can’t be ghostbusters” they could easily have added a female to the crew if they had wanted to, but instead they made it out that it was women to begin with? Nah. And 100% agree about James Bond!!

      • I wasn’t against female ghostbusters but the new movie itself was just ok. Not terrible or great. Just fun to watch and then over. Unfortunate because Hollywood only had X dollars to spend on Ghostbusters so I’d of loved to have seen a continuation of the plot rather than a rehash of the original

      • meowfaze says:

        I see nothing wrong with having an organization for boys only, girls only and for both boys and girls. The Girl Scout organization definitely needs to add more activities like camping and other outdoor activities. I put my girls in Girl Scouts and was dismayed by the lack of different skill-teaching activities. The Girl Scout books were “life-goal” oriented only. My girls wanted to camp, hike, make rockets as well as “life-goal” activities. James Bond should be a man not a woman! I consider myself a feminist – as in women should be treated equally. I do not want to become a man.

      • It seems like maybe Girl Scouts could start an Eagle Scout like program. Then again if Boy Scouts let girls be eagles and cubs then technically they aren’t Boy Scouts they’re eagles and cubs

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