Top Ten Things Wrong With Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Ahh, nerds.  We do love to bitch and moan about our nerd movies.

Oh well.  Let me add to the bitch fest.

From BQB HQ in fabulous East Randomtown, here are the Top Ten Things Wrong With Star Wars: The Last Jedi.


#10 – A Lost Opportunity for Rey and Ren

There’s a scene where Kylo Ren turns on Snoke, then offers Rey an opportunity to join with him.  Screw the First Order.  Screw the Resistance.  Perhaps they are just two opposing forces who live to destroy.  Together, they could unite and bring peace to the galaxy.

Rey refuses but maybe that would have been more interesting if she had accepted?  The franchise does eventually need to go off in a new direction.  This could have been it.  Perhaps some gray area of who the bad guy is would be a cool development.  Would Finn have to fight his friend?

#9 – Luke Was a Whiny Bitch

He always was, but there was too much whining and not enough training.  Rey and Luke never bond or form a master/trainee relationship.

#8 – Who the Hell is Snoke?

Snoke is basically a poor man’s Emperor.  Sounds like him.  Acts like him.  Who is he?  What’s his background?  Where did he come from?  We never learn much about him.  For an all-powerful being, he is dispatched a little too easily.

#7 – The Force Belongs to All of Us

An appeal to modern sensibilities but it forgets rules.  I mean, the mitochlorian thing was always stupid, but once a rule is made, i.e. Jedis have special blood, then the rule is made.  Or forgetting mitochlorians, because it always was stupid, there was always at least the idea that only special people can control the Force.  Now Luke accuses the Jedi of hoarding Force power that should have been used by all?  Sigh.

#6 – Stick with the Rules

Speaking of rule breaking – the Force requires training.  Some discover they can use it, but to use it to a large degree has always required training.  Did Leia train to pull herself out of space?  Cool scene, but without an explanation of her training, it’s breaking a rule.

#5 – Casino Planet

Seemed like a weak attempt to blend Star Wars and James Bond.

#4 – Why Project?

Why did they have Luke project his form if he was just going to die anyway?  Lame.

#3 – I Hope Rey Isn’t the Last Jedi

In the years to come, the franchise can go in all sorts of directions.  Perhaps there will be stories that branch off from the original trilogy, the original characters, etc.  New heroes rise, new villains and new threats emerge.  At any rate, you’ll always need Jedis.  Sorry, but to the average Joe, “Jedi” is a word that means “person who uses the Force.”  Gotta have Jedis.  No one wants to see uh, I don’t know, the uh “Kadoobie Doobie Warriors” or what have you.

#2 – Rey Has No Training

Remember how Luke had to train with Obi Wan?  How Anakin had to train with Obi Wan?

Remember when Rey got training and…oh wait, no she just picked up a lightsaber one day and was a master at it.  Huh.  Odd.  Sounds like a rule break.

#1 – Master/Apprentice

Speaking of, the Master and Apprentice roles have served Star Wars well.  Kylo’s master is Snoke.  Rey has no Master but could use one.


Did you see something wrong with Star Wars?  Discuss in the comments.

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8 thoughts on “Top Ten Things Wrong With Star Wars: The Last Jedi

  1. “For an all-powerful being, he is dispatched a little too easily.” Yep.
    And, yes yes and yes.
    You’re starting to sound as whiny as Luke, though. You really had your heart set on an epic training montage. 😀

    • I did. I think the “First Order” and “The Resistance” were just a lame way to say Eps 4-6 didnt finish the Empire and its still going. Movies about how the galaxy went from peace at the end of 6 to chaos might have been more interesting.

    • And seriously…no one trained her. She just picked up a lightsaber one day and was amazing at it. Every young Jedi needs training from a master. Why are we throwing the rules out the window? Come on, people.

      • Ha ha. True. I suppose they’re going with the whole “new beginnings” idea. Like, it has to start somewhere. To their defense, she is sloppy when using the force during battling. It seems to mostly be the basic combat skills she already had.

  2. I totally agree with all your points! I thought the film was a let down and Luke annoyed the hell out of me. It’s a struggle to say negative stuff about it as everyone around me thinks it was amazing – sigh!

    • Well I hate to say I’m old but they are probably young people who didnt see Star Wars as it was starting and then waited a long time to see Luke again

      • I adored Luke in the first films back years ago but they have done some weird stuff to him. Maybe I got too attached lol!

      • People say he had to be whiny now because he was whiny then. I’m not sure if he was whiny or in the 1970s young Mark Hammill was society’s version of a stud muffin i.e. the ladies wanted a clean cut nice boy with feelings. Now times have changed and emotionless bad boys rule. Sigh. I could have cleaned up in the 70s

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