BQB’s Twilight Zone Reviews


Hey 3.5 readers.

BQB here.

I have avoided watching “The Twilight Zone” for many years.  There are a few episodes that are key, the ones where if you ask anyone, they’ll bring those up – the killer doll, the killer ventriloquist dummy, the woman who has surgery to “look beautiful” only to end up hideous because she looks beautiful but in a world full of pig people she looks ugly, the one with the guy who thinks there’s a monster on the wing of his plane, the little boy who can do all sorts of crazy shit with his mind if any adults ever think unhappy thoughts so all the townsfolk just put up with it because everyone’s afraid to say anything to him, etc.

Plus, the theme song, or rather the “doo doo doo doo” always seems creepy.

But, I finally broke down and checked it out on Netflix and I’m hooked.

My main observation is that either a) this series was far ahead of its time or b) that it paved the way for all the scientific tropes that are pretty standard today – that machines might take over, that maybe one day we’ll meet aliens and it won’t work out as well as we hope, that inventions to improve life will inevitably screw us over, that screwing with time travel could mess up our entire existence, etc.

But keep in mind, the show doesn’t just explore the scientific but also the paranormal – deals with the devil that don’t go well for the person who signed on the dotted line, attempts to cheat death that go badly, etc.

The special effects pale in comparison to modern films, though at times, a dude in a creepy mask is a lot more frightening for some reason.  It could be that good writing goes a long way and as long as the suspense is built up, the audience can forgive the fact that the baddie is a dude in a costume and not a CGI character.

Anyway, from time to time I’m going to pop up reviews of individual episodes because dang it, I need to fill this blog up with something.

What’s your favorite episode, 3.5 readers?

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2 thoughts on “BQB’s Twilight Zone Reviews

  1. Greg Tyson says:

    My Top 20

    1. Where is Everybody?
    2. Walking Distance
    3. The Lonely
    4. Perchance to Dream
    5. And When The Sky Was Opened
    6. Third From The Sun
    7. The Hitch hiker
    8. The Last Flight
    9. A World of Difference
    10. The After Hours
    11. Eye of the Beholder
    12. Nick of Time
    13. Shadow Play
    14. Five Characters in Search of an Exit
    15. The Midnight Sun
    16. Nothing in the Dark
    17. The Dummy
    18. In His Image
    19, Miniature
    20. Number 12 Looks Just Like You

    What episodes make up your Top 20?

    • Thank you for posting that list. I hate to say it but I don’t think I have watched 20 yet. I think the one where the tiny spaceship lands in the lady’s house is the scariest one so far. They did a good job of making the aliens pop out of nowhere.

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