Is Dave Chappelle Insufficiently Woke?

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It saddens me that the PC police are coming after Dave Chappelle.  This guy was the king of comedy in the early 2000s only to be branded a villain today.  Sorry to say it but he didn’t change.  You all did.

Oh, how I loved my Chappelle’s Show DVD box set in the old days.  I’d just watch those sketches over and over.  The guy was such a comedic perfectionist that he left 50 million on the table and walked away because he couldn’t phone it in like so many others did and the stress of doing comedy right got to him.

The weirdest argument, among many, is that his R. Kelly sketch normalized R. Kelly.  I remember that sketch.  He hanged R. Kelly out to dry as a whacko, urine obsessed degenerate pervert.  How that supposedly “normalized” R. Kelly I’ll never know.  If anything, it trashed him and made people more aware of his pervyness.

It’s just sad to see everyone getting on his case.  Your thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “Is Dave Chappelle Insufficiently Woke?

  1. I agree. The sad thing about “cancel culture” is that it is nothing more than the modern version of a mob running someone out of town. You are right, Dave has not change what he talks about or how he talks about. I mean, the title of the special is Sticks and Stones.

    • You know it dawns on me too, that it has been awhile since there has been a new, breakout comedian who looks like they’re going to be on the level of one of the greats. I could be wrong and maybe there’s someone the kids know about that I haven’t heard of but I feel like I would have seen said comic by now. I guess that’s my long winded way of saying they’re trying to cancel the greats but they aren’t replacing them with anyone greater, so in the end we’re left with nothing to laugh at.

  2. Danny says:

    Hopefully the fact that it’s only progressive journalists and not his fans who are attacking him for the show will embolden other popular comedians to break through the same taboos. Ricky Gervais did a great job of it in his Humanity special and it seems that Bill Burr is going for an anti-PC theme with Paper Tiger if the trailer represents it well

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