Top Ten Warning Signs Your Girlfriend Might Be a Romantic Movie Fanatic

shutterstock_3277737Oh Hollywood.  When will you ever learn that every time you put out another cheesy romantic movie, you’re causing the women in our lives to hold us up to ridiculously high standards?

Men, are your women way into romance flicks for YOUR own good?

From BQB HQ in fabulous East Randomtown, here are the top ten warning signs your girlfriend might be a romance movie fanatic:

10.  She watched Serendipity then erased her number from your phone and wrote it down in a copy of the book, Love in the Time of Cholera.  She sold the book to a used book store and then informed you that you will never talk to her again unless fate sees that the book with her number in it makes its way to you.  You call her the next day and you are all like “Seriously babe I remember your number because we’ve been dating for years” and she’s like “Why do you ruin everything?”

9.  Whenever she watches Sleepless in Seattle, she demands that you meet her at the top of the Empire State Building.  After doing this once or twice, you sit her down for a talk in which you explain that while you do love her very much, you’re going to end up in the poor house if you have to take time off of work, fly to New York City and then stand around on top of the Empire State Building like a jackass every time Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are on TV.  She laments your total lack of Tom Hanks in his prime charm.

8.  Ever since she saw Notting Hill she greets you with “I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her.”  It seems sweet at first, but then she starts demanding you speak with a Hugh Grant-esque British accent.  You could do it to keep the peace if you wanted to.  It’s mostly just going “um um um uh” a lot but you refuse to demean yourself.  You’re an American, dammit and she can take your regular voice or leave it.  (Psst…she’ll probably leave it.)

7.  My Best Friend’s Wedding leaves her disappointed if get togethers involving your family don’t break out in a spontaneous song and dance rendition of I Say A Little Prayer For You.  You try your best to make it happen but your Aunt Edna can’t hit the high notes.

6.  Her love of Say Anything requires you to stand outside her window in a trench coat whilst holding a boom box in the air.  She won’t make any reasonable concessions about this.  You still have to wear the trench coat in August and no matter how heavy the boom box gets, she won’t let you hold up your iPhone with Pandora blaring on it instead.

5.  Chasing Amy has led her to believe your relationship would improve if a) she were to become a lesbian and b) you tried to look more like Ben Affleck.  The lesbian thing is doable but the Ben Affleck thing is unlikely.

4.  Ever since you two watched The Notebook, she asks if you’d spend a large chunk of your life in a depressed funk if she were to ever leave you.  You realize it’s for your own good to say yes but deep inside, you know there are other fish in the sea.  Most won’t require you to climb up the side of a ferris wheel like a dumb ass either.

3.  She has long dreamed that you’d become more like Patrick Swayze in Ghost and sensually work a pottery wheel with her in perfect time with her hands.  You try your best but the apartment just ends up covered with sticky gobs of clay.  Part of you just wants to give her five bucks to go buy a damn ash tray, flower pot or whatever she’s always trying to make with that thing.

2.  She made you watch Love Story.  You’ve been on anti-depressants ever since.

  1. She’s a big fan of Titanic, so much so that you often find her butt naked on the couch, breathlessly urging you to “draw me like one of your French girls.”  You grab a paper and pencil and do your best to sketch a stick figure with circle boobs but she invariably just puts her robe back on and storms off in a huff.  Seriously dude, take an art class.
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8 thoughts on “Top Ten Warning Signs Your Girlfriend Might Be a Romantic Movie Fanatic

  1. are you admitting to having seen all of these films?

    • Ah, let me review the list.

      I saw The Notebook, My Best Friend’s Wedding and Titanic in the movie theater.

      To this day, I recall that I left to go to the bathroom and was taken aback to survey the audience to see/hear (more hear) so, so many women sniffing (as in crying sniffing).

      Yeah, but then you know they all went home and tortured some poor bastard anyway.

      My Best Friend’s Wedding introduced me to a lifelong crush on the wonderful Cammi Diaz. Oh how she has aged like a fine wine.

      I saw Titanic a few times in the theater. I had a car. Girls wanted to see Titanic. So I’d take them to Titanic. But then my boat never ran aground anywhere.

      I have seen on TV, rental or whatever: Serendipity, Chasing Amy, and Ghost.

      Ghost is just awesome, love story or no. Whoopi Goldberg steals the show.

      Chasing Amy because I’m a Kevin Smith fan. What Gen Xer wasn’t?

      Serendipity. Some woman made me watch that. It was good though.

      Sleepless in Seattle, Notting Hill and Say Anything – I can’t recall ever sitting through them but I feel like they’ve been on TV for so long I’ve caught enough bits and pieces to have gotten the gist. Come to think of it, I might have sat through Notting Hill. I vaguely remember an awkward naked British dude if I’m thinking of the right movie.

      Love Story I have never seen but I wanted to get on anti-depressants after just reading the description on IMDB:

  2. This was hilarious. I’ve only ever seen Notting Hill and Sleepless in Seattle, can you believe it? My idea of a romantic movie is more like … actually I can’t think of one I like. Huh.

  3. Reblogged this on Bookshelf Battle and commented:

    Curse you Hollywood for making women the world over demand that their boyfriends like, live by high standards and sweep women off their feet and poop rainbows out of their butts and shit.

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