Hey 3.5 readers.

My twisted short, “When Superheroes Quit” is totally FREE! That’s right! It’s FREE! You pay zilch, zero, nada!

Just mosey on over to Amazon and grab your FREE copy which you won’t have to pay for because it’s FREE!

Horrendous City is under attack! Will the Righteous Champion save the day? No, for he has retired. He is moving to California to chase his dream of becoming a pop star. Somehow the city will have to figure out how to fight evil on its own.

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4 thoughts on “GET A FREE BOOK!

  1. Andrea says:

    I got the book and will be reading it this weekend.
    Promoting an ebook is not easy at all. Even if you offer it for, people don’t seem motivates.
    What has your experience been?

    • It is hard. I sometimes buy Facebook ads and that might lead to a few but not many. The best success I had recently is buying an ad on Freebooksy. I was able to give away 1500 copies of another book using that. I would have bought an ad for this one but it is too short. It has to be at least 50 pages.

      • Andrea says:

        I checked out Freebooksy.
        But there is no way a children’s picture book can have 50 pages…..
        Amazon ads didn’t do anything for me (or I don’t how to use it)

  2. I haven’t tried Amazon Ads yet. It looked a little complicated, but I’ll try it one day. Have you tried Facebook? I’ve found that helps a little. Not sure if there’s any real way to hit it big. I’ve heard the best thing to do is to write your next book. I have seen a little bit of success with that. If someone reads one book and likes it, then they have another one to buy. Seems like a long game though, just putting out the books and hoping they eventually take flight. This is all hypothetical though as I’ve barely sold any so what do I know?

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