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Daily Discussion with The Yeti – What is your favorite fungus?


Hello 3.5 loser faces.  It is I, the international war criminal/incredibly boring fuzzy snow monster the Yeti, here to take over Bookshelf Q. Battler’s pitiful blog because he is a whiney sissy boy who has given up on life and has decided to bury himself up to his neck in sand and cover his face in honey so his stupid face can become ant lunch.

Works for me because I hate that guy.  He is a doofus and his blog was too stimulating.  Yetis love boredom.  All must be boring.

Speaking of, what is your favorite type of fungus, 3.5 dummies?  Leave your favorite fungus in the comments.

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A Message From The Yeti


Hello 3.5 weirdos.

It is I, the Yeti, controller of the Bookshelf Battle Blog.  Do not let Bookshelf Q. Battler fool you.  I am in charge.

Yes, it has come to my conclusion that this nerd has been sneaking posts onto the blog around my back but no more!  I have imprisoned BQB in the deepest, darkest reaches below the BQB HQ, where he will sit in a cage forever and listen to nothing but the audio version of Firefly fan fiction.  Muah ha ha!

In the meantime, you must all now do boring things.  Maybe boredom is in the eye of the beholder so rather than suggest boring things for you to do, I will instead order all 3.5 of you to do whatever it is that you find boring.

Thank and remember, stop doing non-boring things.


The Yeti, International Fuzzy War Criminal/Incredibly Boring Snow Beast

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