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Fantasy Fights #3

Place your bets on the following:

Uma Thurman vs. Ethel Merman

The Winner of the Above Fight vs. an Actual Merman

A Merman vs. Merlin

Walker, Texas Ranger vs. Hermione Granger

Sally Jesse Raphael vs. Raphael the Ninja Turtle

Apple vs. PCP

A Person Who Ate an Apple vs. A Person Who Ate PCP

Patty Hearst vs. Patty Mayonnaise

Al Pacino vs. a Guy in Chinos

The King of Clubs vs. a Club Sandwich

The Earl of Sandwich vs. a Damn Witch

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Fantasy Fights #2

Who would you put your money on:

Bea Arthur Riding a Shark vs. King Arthur Riding a Velociraptor

Russell Brand vs. a Jack Russell Terrier

Hogan from “Hogan’s Heroes” vs. Hulk Hogan

Jenny McCarthy vs. Charlie McCarthy

Lassie vs. a Lasso

Bruno Mars vs. Mars, God of War

Rebel Wilson vs. Wilson Phillips



Fantasy Fights #1

Who wins the following fantasy fights:

Michael Jackson vs. Action Jackson

Bella Abzug vs. Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”

Marvelous Marvin Hagler vs. Marvin the Martian

Kurt Cobain vs. Kurt Vonnegut

Bell and Biv vs. Devoe

Art Carney vs. a Carnival Carney

Your Momma vs. Some Other Guy’s Momma

Bruce Lee vs. Lee Meriweather

Kenny G. vs. Kenny from “South Park”

Dr. Pepper vs. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Band

The U.S. Navy vs. That Old Pair of Navy Blue Pants You Don’t Wear Any More

Grizzy Adams vs. Gomez Addams

The Winner of the Above Fight vs. John Adams

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