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A Rap Song in My Honor

I paid to have a rap song rapped in my honor, so every once in awhile I must trot it out for my 3.5 readers.

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BQB Reviews a Go Pro Hero 5 Black

Why did I buy this?  Someone please confiscate my wallet.

After seeing these things for years, but without a reason to justify buying one, I finally went for it.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons.


  • It’s got voice control, so that can help you take pictures of yourself with your friends, family, dog, cat, llama and so on.
  • The Go Pro website has a whole host of mounts that you can use to capture action shots.  There’s a mount for your helmet, a mount to wear on a strap that goes around your head, a mount to put on your car, your bike.  There is a mount you can put ON YOUR DOG (Bookshelf Q. Battledog videos would include a lot of sniffing and pooping).  There is even a mount you can put on your GUN so you can take videos of yourself shooting at (well, I hope targets.  My attorney advises me to remind you that you shouldn’t be shooting at anything but targets).  #Merica!
  • It’s a good buy if you’re like some kind of highly active social media video blogger.
  • I got a little handle to attach to mind so it makes it easier to walk around.  It doesn’t have a screen on the front that can show you a picture of yourself which I think is a flaw they need to fix because otherwise, the handle makes it so that if you were some kind of fancy video blogger, you could record yourself easily while you are walking.


  • I’m not an active social media video blogger.
  • I couldn’t strap a camera to my head without feeling like an asshole.
  • I couldn’t strap a camera to my dog without feeling like an asshole.
  • I’m not an athlete so my camera will never capture any stunts, back flips, white water rafting trips, parasailing, parachuting or any of that bullshit.
  • So yes, I basically gave Go Pro a donation.


All that being said, it is a decent camera.  I’m a tech nerd.  I enjoy this stuff so I find it fun to play with.  If you’re active and you want to record your athletic abilities for the masses, this gadget is for you.  If you’re a couch potato who wants to record video, you’d probably be better off just getting a standard hard drive video camcorder.

Or hell, just take videos with your phone like everyone else does.

Fun fact: Go Pro’s stock took a dive in 2016, the explanation being that pretty much every one who wants a Go Pro has one and the market for future Go Pro purchases is small.  After all, there aren’t that many assholes who want to jump out of a plane and record their parachute free fall.

However, word has it that Go Pro is working on virtual reality and so on so who knows.  Hopefully they have some surprises in the years to come.

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Man Breaks Up Fight On Subway With Potato Chips (Or, Snack Man)

Hey 3.5 readers.

So, I’m about four years late in hearing about this which, I know, shocker, I’m such a pop culture guru.

But this one flew under my radar until I saw it recently.

In 2012, a fight broke out between a man and a woman on a subway train.  As you can see in this CNN video, they go after each other pretty good.  You can hear bystanders yell things like, “Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa!” to no avail.

But then a man just nonchalantly walks between them and starts eating potato chips.

Somehow, this act deescalated the situation.  I’m no expert but my assumption is that when two people are angry at each other, emotion takes over and they focus on their anger and tune out the outside world.  The people telling them to stop become background noise and I have to assume that had someone tried to pull one of them away, he may have gotten hurt.

But “Snack Man” just walked through the scene, acting kind of obtuse, like he didn’t really know what the two were doing (so they couldn’t necessarily be mad at him) but also became a reminder to the two people that there were other people on the train that were witnessing them so they should chill out.

Eh, I mean, me personally, I wouldn’t advise anyone to put themselves at risk and even though the tactic worked in this instance, another attempt at being “Snack Man” could very well lead to a valiant potato chip eater getting the chips slapped out of his face, but otherwise, the video is an interesting social science experiment caught on film:

What say you, 3.5 readers?

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