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Attack of the Killer Mutant Fish 3 (Casting Call 3)

I’ve decided that Fred the Pet Store owner needs a love interest.  That way my upcoming film will appeal to both men and women.  Men will enjoy the action, while women will be enthralled by the romantic tale of a pet shop owner winning the heart of his lady love.

Bold move I know, to deviate from the source material, but I’m writing in a girlfriend for Fred.


I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, in a pet shop full of monstrous, evil killer fish, asking him to love her.

Hmmm.  Can you read this with a Southern accent?  And also, not be old?


Dang y’all, there’s all like dang crazy fish runnin’ round…I better stick my tongue out at ’em!



I’m just like…you know…thinking…that Fred, you spend so much time running this pet store?  That like…you totally forget to run the pet store inside your mind…



Hi.  I’m all hot and stuff.  I’m going to stand next to these killer mutant fish and look totally hot.

When can you start?






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Two and a Half Men Finale

I watched Two and a Half Men for the first couple of years, then after awhile, it just seemed stupid.  Sometimes I’d leave the reruns going in the background while doing other stuff, but other than that, it seemed too mindless to waste too much concentration on.

I never really understood the whole feud.  CBS hired Charlie Sheen, a guy with notorious sex and drug addictions, to play Charlie Harper, a guy with notorious sex and drug addictions.  In other words, they asked him to play himself, and they were surprised when his problems flared up.  On the other hand, Sheen could have laid off on CBS, since they gave him a career resurrecting show.

Anyway, I heard so many positive reviews of the finale that I had to check it out and it was pretty hilarious.  Read no more if you don’t want SPOILERS.

It turns out Rose, Charlie’s longtime stalker, was lying when she said Charlie died after getting hit by a train four years ago.  In a hilarious Silence of the Lambs homage, we learn that Rose has been keeping Charlie in a pit in her basement, lowering food down to him in a bucket and telling “it” what to do.

Charlie escapes, wraps up the show by sending big checks to all the women he did wrong throughout the series, and threatens revenge against Alan and Walden (Charlie’s replacement).

I’ve read complaints from people upset that Charlie himself didn’t actually appear on the finale, but given the rants he made against the show when he departed, I’m not sure why anyone would expect him to return.

All in all, fun idea when it started, ran a bit too long, but wrapped up in an awesome manner.

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