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I feel I must advise you…

…that February only has 28 days because all those months with 31 days are too selfish to share.

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The Betrayal of John

Pop quiz, hot shots.

I give you a book.  The title is “The Betrayal of John.”

Don’t think too hard, just give me your instant reaction.

When you read this title, do you:

A)  Think the book is about how John betrayed someone


B)  Think the book is about how John was betrayed

Just a question to help me with a project I have going on at Bookshelf Battle HQ

Thank you, my noble guinea pigs.  Your assistance to the Bookshelf Battle cause is most appreciated.

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When the F#%K Should Your Characters Swear?

Thanks all for commenting. I’ve been meaning to get back to you, but I am currently embroiled in a legal dispute with a Yeti that is taking up all of my time. In the meantime, I thought I’d bump this up in case anyone f%$&ing missed it.

Bookshelf Battle

Time to bring out Ann and John again.  In case you missed their previous antics:

Ann and John on Copyrights

Ann and John on Characters with Accents

Ann and John vs. Robostrangler

And now, our latest installment – Ann and John and the Search for More F$*ing money.

I have mixed thoughts on those pesky swear words.  On the one hand, we are adults.  If your characters are adults living in an adult world, they might swear once in awhile.  Case in point:

“I’ve had enough of your goddamn cheating, John!”  Ann said as she drew her gun and pointed it at him.

“Ann!  No!  What the f$%k are you doing?!”  John asked.

“What I should have done a long time ago, you son of a bitch!”

Ann fired.  The bullet ripped through John’s flesh.

“Owww!”  John screamed.  “My f$&king arm!!!”

I don’t like gratuitous swearing.  I like to use…

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