Alien Jones Taking Your Questions

Help Alien Jones stem the tide of stupidity sweeping across our planet!

It's your move, Internet.

It’s your move, Internet.

Ask him a question today and who knows?  He might even respond with a plug for your book or blog right here on this revered site,

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Consult the Greatest/Pantsless Genius of the Universe today!

Alien Jones is the Intergalactic Correspondent for the Bookshelf Battle Blog, on a mission to raise Earth’s collective intelligence levels one question at a time. Do you have a question for the Esteemed Brainy One? Tweet it to @bookshelfbattle on Twitter, leave it in the comments on, or stop by Bookshelf Battle on Google Plus. If he likes your question, he might even promote your book, blog, other project in his answer.

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4 thoughts on “Alien Jones Taking Your Questions

  1. I have a question. If forced into an intergalactic war for complete and utter domination, who would win: Aliens or Robots? (

  2. lhall06 says:

    Hello Alien Jones, I am reaching out to you with hopes you can reach out to your esteemed host Bookshelf Q. Battler and pass on this message from a fellow wordsmith in need.

    Now you might possibly recognize my name as I have recently penned a review of ‘The Last Driver’ after noticing it was on sale. I think we can both appreciate the struggle to find reviews and reads for our work. In fact I find the whole thing rather odd a lot of the time, someone says they have purchased your book and then silence, the end (if your lucky). I concluded some time ago that this whole deal is about convincing one reader/alien at a time, (I’m inclusive of all beings), as an indie author’s that’s all we can do.

    My most recent of brainwaves is to find those who are floating in the same emptiness as myself and look to help them as I would like to be helped. Therefore I am reaching out in search of a review for my ‘impossible book’ called ‘The Teleporter’ a super hero comedy novella. I use the word ‘impossible’ because I probably need to get over myself but for some reason I just can’t get a readership. Now the second part of that one brainwave I’ve had all year is to find some with an influence to help give this book a gentle push towards a sale or two. Seeing as you have 3.5 more readers than me, would you be interested in reading and reviewing ‘The Teleporter’?

    To close this message I would like to just say there is no expectation for you to take this offer, please don’t think because I reviewed your work you must review mine (even if it does seem that way, it’s not). Above everything I am just looking for people/aliens who want to read my stuff.

    Happy to send you the e-version for free. And the link is below if you want to check out the blurb and few reviews I have (UK version)

    Safe wordsmithing

    Lee Hall

    • Hi Lee,

      BQB here. Alien Jones is on a extended hiatus. Ironically, all characters on this blog seem to have gotten quiet the past year as I shifted my focus from blogging to e-book writing.

      I feel your pain on finding an audience. I just wrote a post about that a month or so ago. It surprises me that I haven’t made 10 dollars yet. It’s not that I need ten dollars. It’s that, I just thought that Amazon is backed by the power of so many jillions of users, surely at least 10 would have clicked the buy button by accident on one of my books by now.

      It is discouraging. The first episode of Last Driver took me a year to self-publish. Currently, I’m working on a book, the final draft will be done soon but that’ll mark 2 years just writing the draft. It will likely take one more year to get it self published.

      Admittedly, I don’t do this all day long and seem to find less time to work on it lately.

      So it is discouraging to not get many readers and honestly, it frustrates me that this tech wasn’t around when I was 20. Boy, would I have embraced it. I would have stayed up all hours hooked on energy drinks cranking out the content.

      Alas, I couldn’t do that now if I tried.

      Hopefully, the dream will get here where writing ebooks becomes my regular 9-5. Honestly, for ebooks, I’d put in 9-8 and 8-12 on weekends. I just need to convince enough readers I’m worth it.

      Anyway, I’ll write a post about your book and invite my 3.5 readers to check it out.

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