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Comic Con 2015 – The Man From UNCLE (Movie Trailer)

Ultra stylish James Bond-esque 1960’s British spy thriller based on an old TV series starring Henry Cavill of Man of Steel fame:

The Man from UNCLE – Warner Brothers Pictures

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Alien Jones Helps 17 Authors Promo Books and Blogs

Happy Thursday, 3.5 Readers.shutterstock_120849022

Bookshelf Q. Battler here.

Afraid it’s one of those days where I don’t have much for you at all.

On a whim, I went back and tweeted every Indie Author that Alien Jones has promoted thus far since his Ask the Alien column started in March.

Sixteen so far and another author has already made an inquiry for this Sunday.

Check out @bookshelfbattle ‘s most recent tweets for all the indie book promo goodness.

Alien Jones’ question for you:

Why haven’t you asked the alien a question and gotten your plug yet?

Alien Jones has been on a hot streak.  This Sunday will mark 5 whole consecutive weeks of the Esteemed Brainy One answering a question.  (He’s answered questions from 16 going on 17 writers, but has sometimes gone a week or two here and there with no one consulting his bulbous brain.)

Can we keep this momentum going?

Ask the Alien a question and get in the cue!

It sure would make the Mighty Potentate happy and the happier the MP is, the less likely Alien Jones is to get vaporized by his boss.

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