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Justice League – San Diego Comic Con Trailer

Holy Crap. Is it SDCC already?

Here’s the Justice League trailer they released.

It looks good.  Honestly, I’m very skeptical after that whole Batman vs. Superman turd fest so we’ll see.

Aquaman has always been a hard sell. Of all the superpowers, “talking to fish” has got to be the worst.

I mean, seriously, WTF? All the villain needs to do to beat you is bring you inland.  Aquaman is entirely useless in the desert.

This will be where some nerd corrects me and is all like, “Well in Issue 200, Aquaman actually wandered into the desert with some angry carp in his pants pockets and…”

No. Stop it, nerds.

What do you think about this trailer, 3.5 readers?

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Comic Con 2015 – The Man From UNCLE (Movie Trailer)

Ultra stylish James Bond-esque 1960’s British spy thriller based on an old TV series starring Henry Cavill of Man of Steel fame:

The Man from UNCLE – Warner Brothers Pictures

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Comic Con 2015 – Suicide Squad Trailer

Hey 3.5 Readers,

BQB here with some thoughts on the Suicide Squad trailer:

The official story is this trailer was only intended for Comic Con but DC decided to release it because nerds had pirated it and distributed it so they figured they might as well put out a quality version.

If you’re a nerd who isn’t in the know, the Suicide Squad is basically DC’s version of Dirty Dozen.

Based on a DC comic series of the same name, the government forces/recruits the DC villains (mostly Batman’s enemies) to use their evil powers for good, sending them on high-risk, practically suicidal missions.

Overall, the footage looks great and Jared Leto, in my opinion, looks like he’s going to be a better Joker than I’d originally given him credit for.

Like most geeks, I’m a big Harley Quinn fan.  If you’re not a nerd, Harley is the Joker’s girlfriend who got her start in the 1990’s Batman: The Animated Series.

Why do we love Harley?  Because she’s so hilariously over the top.  Now, I get that when there’s an attempt to make a serious movie, she can’t be running around in a full harlequin outfit with a massive novelty hammer to bonk people over the head with but come on, at least do the “Harley” voice.

Judging by this footage, they movie’s going with a half-powered Harley.  Harley at 50%.  She’s sort of got the voice a little, she’s a bit out there, but she’s not bouncing off the walls.

All I can say is if she doesn’t say “Hiya Puddin!” or call the Joker “Mr. J,” there’s going to be a nerd revolt.

DC’s definitely trying to pull a Marvel.  Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad both come out next year and assumably it will all lead up to the Justice League giving evildoers what for.

What say you, 3.5 readers?

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Comic Con 2015 – Batman vs. Superman – Dawn of Justice (Featuring Wonder Woman)

This trailer shows more of what we can expect.  Batman fears Superman’s power and vows to destroy him.  Plus, our first peak at Wonder Woman.

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News Out of Comic Con 7/11/15

What I’ve picked up so far through the Twitterverse…

  • New Star Wars Villains = Kylo Ren, General Hux, Captain Phasma

For more see this IGN article.

  • J Law bid a fond farewell to her Katniss character from the Hunger Games.

Fear the Walking Dead (companion series to AMC’s The Walking Dead) was released.  See it below:

According to the trailer, we learn a bit more about the zombie outbreak, namely that it is caused by some kind of virus.

You may recognize the mother of the family as Kim Dickens aka Detective Rhonda Boney from Gone Girl.

What say you, 3.5 readers?

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San Diego Comic Con 2015

I wish I was there.  If you’ve ever been, give me an earful.  How do you get in?  Getting a ticket or a badge or whatever probably takes a miracle, right?

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Comic Con – Game of Thrones Bloopers

Comic Con is underway in San Diego. Wish I was there. Here’s a look at the Game of Thrones Blooper real shown at the GoT panel:

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