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Pop Culture Mysteries: Sneak Peak of Operation Fuhrerpunschen

shutterstock_193545215Before he became BQB’s Pop Culture Detective, Jake Hatcher was a down and out boxer forced by the evil Mugsy McGillicuddy to take a dive, thus tanking his chance at the big time, not to mention his budding romance with singer Peaches LeMay.

When Jake tries to escape his past by enlisting, he gets a second chance at the greatness he missed out on when he’s recruited by General George S. Patton, President Roosevelt, and Pre-CIA Agent Carmichael to take on the most daring mission in the history of warfare:

Infiltrate Das Fuhrerbunker and punch Adolf Hitler in the face before an equally skilled puncher sent by the Russians can.

Why?  Assassination attempts by his own men have left Hitler paranoid in the final days of World War II.  He’s banned all staff from carrying weapons, leaving him the only armed individual in the bunker.

No guns.  No knives.  Nothing.

Thus, Uncle Sam needs a man whose weapon is his fist.

Is this a viable novel idea?  Would you want to read a book about Hitler getting punched in the face?

The first three proposed chapters and outline of the rest:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Outline of Rest 

Tear it apart, 3.5 Readers.  Be brutal and let me have it.

By the way, the Mr. Devil Man sneak peak was well received by the 3.5 and I plan on working on that too.  Ultimately, I hope to put both out.

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Banner Photos

Hi 3.5 Readers,



Hate to do it, you all know how cheap I am, but I’m thinking about opening up the ole wallet and letting the moths fly out to get some banner photos.

What I’m thinking about:

  • Banner images that could be used as the header photo on this site, plus on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Probably through 99 designs.

Possible ideas:

1)  As you know, Alien Jones and I allow the Yeti out of his cage once a week to watch Scandal.  It’s our special Scandal night.  The three of us eat chips and dip and talk about Olivia’s latest adventures.

The image would be a nerd to represent myself sitting on a couch between the Yeti and Alien Jones with a TV in front of us.

Should my main squeeze Video Game Rack Fighter also be on the couch?  Could be cool, could be crowded.  Cuz then, do I have to add Dr. Hugo Von Science, Uncle Hardass and other subsidiary characters?

2)  Not exactly Star Wars but a Star Wars – esque poster where a nerd, that would be me, is in some kind of action pose, holding a ray gun or something, Video Game Rack Fighter clutching me….Dr. Hugo and Alien Jones have my back, the Yeti looms large ready to eat me or something.

3)  Maybe just my bookshelf with battles going on it.  A bunch of books and little characters running around on the shelves attacking each other.

Which one of these ideas do you like and do you have any others, 3.5 Readers?

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