How the West Was Zombed – Chapter 104


Run?” Miles thought to himself. “No thanks. I’ve done enough running.

The young werewolf galloped along the left side of the last box car, jumped towards it, then dug the claws on his left paw into the metal. With his right paw he punched a hole in the box car, then used both paws to rip the steel apart until there was an opening big enough for him to jump in.

Inside, the box car was pitch black. That didn’t matter to Miles. He could still see.

But the smell of all that rotten zombie fleshed packed into that giant rectangular can was ungodly.

Groans and demands for brains filled Miles’ ears. He struck wildly, his claws ripping off zombie heads, limbs and other parts.

Like ants converging on an unattended sweet, the undead swarmed on the werewolf, knocking him down, biting and scratching at him.


Every wound the undead opened on Miles’ body instantly closed. The werewolf stood up and shook the undead off of him.

Miles bent his knees and, as if he were spring loaded, hurtled himself through the roof of the box car.

Slade was just about to step forward when Miles emerged from the twisted steal, his fur covered with zombie guts.

“I thought I told you to run!” Slade said as he looked up at the young werewolf, who was now towering over him.

All Miles could do was growl in response. Had he been able to communicate with Slade, he would have shared what he was thinking.

Run? I’m tired of running. I’m a Goddamned werewolf. People need to start running from me.”

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3 thoughts on “How the West Was Zombed – Chapter 104

  1. Love the growth in miles

    • Thanks. He’s been a difficult character to write. He’s 15 so my modern sensibilities tell me he shouldn’t be put through so much zombie mayhem. But then I remember he’d of been a man in the safe-space free zone of the wild west.

      He also presents a challenge on the off chance I can sell this to JJ Abrams and make a movie. All of his scenes will have to be shot from the waist up because he’s naked for like 90 percent of his scenes.

      Werewolves seem like a fun idea until you realize they have to hulk out of their clothes all the time.

      I do wonder with the zombies and vampires is it misleading to call it a “Zombie Western” and not “Supernatural Western” but stopping a zombie apocalypse is the crux of the book.

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