Man Robs Bank to Go To Jail So He Can Get Away from His Wife

As reported in today’s Washington Post and other media outlets, a 70 year old, apparently fed up with his wife after an argument, robbed a bank and as he stated to police, to go to jail because he felt that being in the hoosegow would be a better fate than having to live with his wife.

Well…my first thought is maybe he’s just exaggerating and maybe he and his wife just had a really bad day…but then again, I’ve never met his wife.

I guess he could get a divorce but then again a) if that led to her getting the house and b) he’s not a young stud muffin who could rebuild his life and get another house and c) he’s not wrong about her being that bad then…hell, maybe his scheme was almost understandable.

DISCLAIMER: Understandable, but obviously not advisable. Surely there are public programs, charities and services one could turn to if you’re old and you hate your wife and don’t want to live with her anymore.

At any rate, this fine blog and its proprietor do not advise you to rob a bank under any circumstances and especially as a ploy to get away from your wife, no matter how horrible you believe her to be.

What say you, 3.5 readers?


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5 thoughts on “Man Robs Bank to Go To Jail So He Can Get Away from His Wife

  1. Green Onion says:

    At 70 years old, three solid meals a day and no more nagging, I will keep that one in my pocket for later in life.

  2. In my 20s I was so broke and sick I actually considered committing a crime so I could spend a few years in jail getting 3 squares, a roof over my head, and basic medical care. shrug.

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