How to Talk Like a Pirate #1 – The Office

Arr. how to talk like a pirate at the office arr

Bookshelf Battle

By: Special Guest Pirate, Capt. Deathbeard

Capt. Deathbeard Capt. Deathbeard

YARRRRR!  Ye be in ye place of business where transactions are afoot, workers conspire and currency changes hands.  Doth ye wish to know how to address the following situations in the language of piracy?


I’m sorry, Mr. Reynolds.  I will not be able to stay late this evening. My daughter is singing in a school recital.

ARRRRRR!  Listen yon Reynolds and listen well, nay open thine ears as if thou were’st to heareth the hounds of hell bark sweet nothings that rattle thine very soul.

We’ve struck an accord, a devil’s bargain that I shall remain in thine business house until an appointed time and not a second longer, for once the bell tolls the hours belong to me and mine.

Mine kin be on the rocks of old, filling the night air with her siren’s song and I be powerless to…

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One thought on “How to Talk Like a Pirate #1 – The Office

  1. DreamingBooks says:

    Love it!

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