How to Talk Like a Pirate #2 – At a Restaurant

Arr. how to talk like a pirate at a restaurant and get yer pirate food to stuff in yer pirate hole arr

Bookshelf Battle

Mr. Fitzhume Mr. Fitzhume

By Special Guest Pirate, Mr. Fitzhume

Ahoy, 3.5 readers.  Capt. Deathbeard’s trusty first mate, Mr. Fitzhume, I is.

Find yeself in a tavern, do ye?  Whether ye be a peasant slavin’ away in the galley or one of the fancy folk at the tables, I’ll tell ye how to talk like a pirate when yer in the grub house I will.


Welcome to Flanagan’s.  May I take your order?

YARR!  What slop doth ye want to shove in ye filthy hole?!  Speak up and make haste or its off to the gallows with an empty belly with ye!


We’re going to start with the Wacky Wings and Skins Sampler and I’ll have the Surf and Turf Combo platter and a Cherry Coke to drink.

Bring me pig meat and grog, wench!  And tell the cookie if he fails to satisfy me I’ll slit him…

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