Ghost in the Shell is a Flop and Why Did ScarJo Play Major? (Spoilers)

Hey 3.5 readers.

BQB here.  So Screen Rant and other sites are reporting that Ghost in the Shell is on the way to losing $60 million.

Not surprising.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on it when I was watching it last week, but I knew something was off.  There was a lot of appeal for sci fi nerds like me but it was lacking in terms of broad based appeal.  It’s always a bit of a roll of a dice when you make a sci fi film, usually the stuff that kids are into, but make it adult oriented.  The film was PG but the plot was high falutin’.

It asks the audience to ponder a lot of questions about life and death and also to hope for a day when our frail, limited bodies can be enhanced and kept alive permanently via technology, as well as what benefits and drawbacks would result from that.

By the way, I said in my previous review that there was a subtle explanation in the film as to why a Japanese character was played by ScarJo, a honky.  Remember, I can say honky for I am a honky.

Here’s the explanation.  Look away if you don’t want spoilers.

So, the key is to remember that Major is a robot.  She’s told when she wakes up that her brain is that of a refugee whose boat was blown up by a terrorist, leaving her parents dead in the process.  It’s not said out loud but one wonders whether in the future there might have been some type of catastrophe in one of the honky majority countries, thus causing honkies to immigrate to Japan, possibly explaining why there are so many honkies running around Japan.

Later, we learn Major was lied to.  Her brain once belonged to Motoko, a Japanese runaway.  The corporation claimed it only experimented on brains of those who had already died when in fact, they were kidnapping runaway kids and taking their brains out.

It’s never said directly, but one is left to wonder whether Major, the body Motoko’s brain is placed into, is a white supermodel looking babe out of some misguided corporate sense that this is the height of beauty that everyone should aspire to.

Thus, this is why ScarJo played the robot.

I suppose it’s up for interpretation.  If you saw it, tell me yours.

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